The objective of the project was to install new concrete headwall sections of a culvert on the railway line named UBC66A, including excavation, over pumping, backfilling and forming a small section of reinforced concrete.

Global Rail Services was appointed Main Contractor and PSCS for these works. The works were completed under full night time track possessions and one weekend shutdown of the rail line.  

Vegetation and trees around the site and lay down areas were removed prior to works commencing.  The existing sheet piles were removed and excavations carried out for installation of the headwall and in-situ culvert connection.  

Pumps were put in place for rerouting the water handled by UBC66A, diverting the flow across the railway line to the east side of the culvert.  The pumps ran 24/7 to accommodate the flow of water.  Pipes were placed under the track during night works.  

GSMR Project Civils Enabling Works

The objective of the GSM-R project is to install telecoms towers and monopoles with associated civils and services works to facilitate the transition of train communications to a modern digital radio network.  The overall project is divided into packages of individual sites ranging from 4 sites to 18 sites on the Irish Rail network nationwide.  Sites include greenfield sites, Irish Rail properties, sites adjacent to the rail line, railway bridges and level crossings.  To date, Global Rail Services have completed over 100 sites

Global Rail Services takes on the role of main contractor and PSCS for the project.  The works are carried out adjacent to the live railway and public areas such as public roads, train stations and carparks.  A number of sites are greenfield sites requiring liaison with landowners and residents.  Global Rail Services also liaise closely with Irish Rail for works taking place beside the live railway which require day and night time possessions and isolations.

All temporary works are designed and implemented by Global Rail Services.  These include construction of temporary access roads and piling platforms, craneage/lift plans, protection of existing services within the vicinity of the worksites and stabilisation of embankments and deep excavations.  Global Rail Services are responsible for reinstatement of all access areas on completion.

Gormanston & Dalkey Footbridge Works

Global Rail Services Ltd was appointed Main Contractor and PSCS by Irish Rail (IE) for this multi-disciplinary rail project.  The works included the installation of two precast concrete (PCC) lifts, associated precast concrete stairs and footbridges at Gormanston & Dalkey stations. The bridge structures were encapsulated on both sides and on the roof.  All enabling, utilities and services works were carried out by Global Rail Services and their approved specialist subcontractors. 

This project was completed as part of Irish Rail’s Accessibility Programme.  The objective of the programme is to improve accessibility across the Irish Rail network in line with the priorities set out in the Accessibility Project Feasibility Report 2014, and the prioritised Track Crossing Report as completed in 2019 following consultation with the National Transport Authority (NTA), the Accessibility User Group and internal stakeholders.

Civils & Electrical Works, Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnell

Casement Aerodrome is a military airbase in southwest Dublin.  It is the headquarters and sole airfield of the Irish Defence Forces Air Corp.  Global Rail Services Ltd (GRSL) were commissioned to install new outdoor radiation measurement equipment within the confines of the airfield on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Global Rail Services Ltd were appointed Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) for the works.  Works involved the construction of two concrete plinths complete with a galvanised ESB approved mini pillar on each.  Trenching and ducting works, including 6 access junctions, were carried out through a field adjacent to the airfield runway and on a concrete footpath adjacent to the transmitter hut building, to allow for cable entry to the building.  On completion, the grass area was re-graded and re-seeded.  The concrete footpath was reinstated to match existing.  


Fluid Filled Cables Assessment Project – Site Investigation

ESB Networks commissioned ESB Engineering & Major Projects (EMP) to undertake an environmental screening assessment of the fluid filled cables network to identify and assess leaks. Following the completion of the assessment, in agreement with the EPA and relevant authorities, a decision was made to begin intrusive assessments at agreed locations in order for an Environmental Consultant to complete the assessment.  Global Rail Services Ltd (GRSL) were appointed as main contractor and PSCS for the project for the 23No sites identified – encompassing both slit and 90° L trench excavations – at locations and sensitive receptors in agreement with the Environmental Consultant.  

Project activities included the safe exposure and logging of all services, ground conditions and make up therein.  No outages were available for the cables during the works, so all cables were treated as live.  Global Rail Services were responsible for the temporary works required to support the trench excavations.  Water samples were taken by the Environmental Consultant, which were recovered from rivers and canals close to each leak location.

Accessibility Improvement Works

Rail infrastructure contractor Global Rail Services was awarded accessibility works at three railway stations on behalf of Irish Rail in August 2016.

Customers at Rathdrum, Mullinger and Leixlip Louisa Bridge Stations are now benefiting from Global Rail Services’ extensive experience in delivering construction solutions that enhance and improve their passenger experience.

The project was successfully completed, with key project milestones being met and a high quality end product to match, with Global Rail Services effectively managing and delivering the full suite of stakeholder expectations.

The works include complex in-situ civil engineering works, temporary works, roads and pavings, as well as rail engineering activities in respect of upgrading station platforms and railway pedestrian access. Global Rail Services also used its full infrastructure contracting experience to manage and deliver the interface between the highway and railway authorities.

The works were completed in a phased manner, with a final completion date of February 2017. To ensure that each milestone was achieved, Global Rail Services prepared detailed programmes and schedules and provided a dedicated and co-ordinated approach to project management throughout the works. Liaison with a myriad of stakeholders, along with a collaborative approach to these works, has paved the way for a professional delivery that has met and exceeded expectations.

Procurement of long lead items and contract approvals has formed an integral part of the project success. Global Rail Services has used its rail engineering experience to deliver a fully managed multi-disciplinary rail project to the delight of the client.

Car Parks and Railway Platforms Frameworks

Having commenced their first framework for Irish Rail back in 2006, Global Rail Services are now working on their third consecutive four-year railway agreement for both the construction of station cark parks and platforms.

As one of eight current preferred contractors, Global Rail Services have maintained high levels of customer satisfaction for their performance, consistently delivering a high quality service and as a result have been awarded works in excess of €15m to date.

Civil Engineering is at the core of Global Rail Services’ offering. The company have constructed new station car park & Platforms facilities and built and upgraded many station new platforms to both increase capacity, and to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), across mainline and metropolitan stations throughout Ireland.

These works also encompass electrical, mechanical, CCTV and telecommunications installations and upgrades, where Global Rail Services are able to call upon their in house M&E department to provide the necessary engineering and delivery support.

It is this turnkey solution that has enabled Global Rail Services to provide comprehensive project solutions – providing Irish Rail with contract surety.

The works formed a fundamental part of the Irish Rail’s programme to improve passenger experience and increase capacity, at both mainline and metropolitan railway stations throughout Ireland.

The scope for the car parks involved the complexities of working adjacent to a live railway station and required professional community engagement to ensure that patrons and stakeholders were fully informed before and during the works.

The platform works involved close liaison with Irish Rail’s railway systems signalling team and also their track infrastructure engineers. Although, Global Rail Services undertook any associated track modifications as part of another framework with Irish Rail for Permanent Way.