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GRA Networks Australia offer infrastructure contracting services on a design and construct basis in the transport, telecommunications, utility and energy sectors, providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

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Delahey North 5g upgrade circles
25 May 2023

GRA Networks Australia continues to support 5G telecoms network upgrades

On behalf of Ericsson, our GRA Networks Australia team is contracted to upgrade the existing 3G/4G network and install new 5G technology for both Optus and Vodafone (eJV).

The suburb for this upgrade is Delahey North, where there is an existing Broadcast Australia 30m high Rocla concrete monopole, with Optus, Vodafone and Telstra antennas mounts present.

GRA Networks Australia is supporting all aspects of these upgrade works supplying staff including Riggers, Technicians, Electricians and Civil Engineers. Also liaising with Broadcast Australia’s (BAI) communication management team, Melbourne DMC’s team, and the security to plan and coordinate this upgrade work, which is a very important element of eJV’s remit.

The broad scope included, delivering materials including all necessary approvals from Broadcast Australia, working at heights, removing and installation of new steelwork, compound extension works and electrical upgrades.

This was a very demanding site which required a high level of stakeholder liaison and management to ensure it ran as smoothly as possible, in accordance with strict site access protocols and process requirements. The project team also had very challenging weather conditions during these works.

The works were also performed under an SLO (Single Long Outage), meaning the duration of the time both Vodafone and Optus were off air was minimised, whilst upgrading the site.

In completion of this project, the team at GRA Networks Australia completed all works to a high-quality standard, with high levels of professionalism and no reported safety concerns.

The project involved:

  • Delivering all steelwork, materials, and equipment. This required careful planning during weekdays to complete the delivery, in full coordination with the BAI communication team to provide the necessary processing lead time prior to accessing site
  • An electrical upgrade in order to install the new group meter panel on H frame and new Optus 63A 3P MCB as load control. Also, installation of new 100A site protection device
  • Network outages, fully decommissioning existing technologies, and equipment internally and externally. Upgrading all equipment internally and externally, with new steelwork, antennas, RRUs (Remote Radio Units) and internal BBU (Base Band Units), and all DC equipment. Commissioning and integrating the new technology into the Network, via support from the RIC (Remote Integration Centre)
  • Compound extension work including extension of existing palisade fencing to the north recline to add a new ICS industries Thermocab 5-bay outdoor cabinet into the BAI compound located inside the Sydenham MF site
  • Providing all OHS and HSE standards and submission of post-completion documentation on the client submission portal (site handler)

GRA Networks Australia’s scope included:

  • Removing existing antennas and steelwork from the existing monopole
  • Installing new steelwork and new lad-saf on existing monopole
  • Installing new Optus RRU8863, Vodafone AZQJ and AHPCDB antennas to the newly installed steelwork
  • Installing new Optus and VHA ancillary equipment and hybrid trunk cables
  • Swapping existing eJV 4G panel antennas with new 4G panel antenna (RRVV2VVT4S$-65DR10) on new longer antenna mounts
  • Installation of a new group meter box on new H frame to host relocated Telstra meter plus new Optus meter with site SPD
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