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What we do

GRA Networks Ireland offer infrastructure contracting services on a design and construct basis in the transport, telecommunications, utility and energy sectors, providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems.


We take our responsibilities
 to the environment seriously and operate an environmental policy that incorporates a programme of continuous improvement, on-going staff training and prevention of activities that adversely affect the environment.

Our environmental management system (EMS) meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and is a critical element in GRA Networks Ireland business operations.

The company’s activities are regularly reviewed to identify any potential impacts
on the environment and the results are documented in an impact register, which must then be addressed by GRA Networks Ireland.

On an ongoing basis, all employees are made aware of our environmental policy, with special emphasis placed on meeting or exceeding legislative requirements and GRA Networks Ireland’s own code of practice.

GRA Networks Ireland provide employee training, where necessary, and encourages the re-use and re-cycling of products and materials, the sensitive disposal of materials and proactively works with clients, local authorities and environmental representatives to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

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