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What we do

GRA Networks Ireland offer infrastructure contracting services on a design and construct basis in the transport, telecommunications, utility and energy sectors, providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Mission and vision

Using the best mix of technology and tradition, GRA Networks Ireland empowers its workforce to deliver to our clients the best possible standards of workmanship within the infrastructure industry at a competitive price.

GRA Networks Ireland’s mission is to provide investors with an attractive total return from responsibly managed long-term investments in core infrastructure markets in the countries of trade.

Our vision is to be a leader in owning and operating a diversified infrastructure business that benefits the communities we serve, the people we employ and our investors. Over the long term, GRA Networks Ireland’s growth strategy is to continue to provide high quality infrastructure services in the communications, energy, transport and utilities sectors, with the aim of providing an attractive, risk-adjusted return to its stakeholders.

We seek to:

  • Maximise and sustain the long-term value of our businesses.
  • Deliver strong financial performance and maintain financial flexibility
  • Achieve prudent growth.

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