Single Radio Access Network Upgrade for Vodafone Ireland

GRA Networks Ireland were selected by global telecoms and software giant LCC, as a result of their compelling offering to provide a fully project managed service, creating a delivery solution for the modification of the existing single radio access network at 80No locations, many of which included an upgrade to 4G technology.

LCC, who were engaged on behalf of Vodafone Ireland, engaged with GRA Networks Ireland as a result of their impressive offering, which provided a fully costed, efficient end-to-end hand-back solution and included a meticulous programme of works, incorporating concurrent multi-site working and complete adherence to the challenges of working ‘live’ in a fully operational network.

The core objective being to modify and renew the single radio access network and upgrade the equipment to provide 4G capability, without impacting the operational running and integrity of the communication network during the works.

This project formed part of Vodafone’s DARWIN upgrade project to provide upgraded 4G network capabilities to 26 countries throughout the world.