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GRA Networks Ireland offer infrastructure contracting services on a design and construct basis in the transport, telecommunications, utility and energy sectors, providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

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Rosslare tower circles
02 Feb 2022

Rosslare Europort Tower Remedial Works Completed

GRA Networks Ireland has completed a series of tower remedial works at the Rosslare Europort Terminal for Irish Rail.

GRA Networks Ireland were initially engaged to survey five existing towers at the terminal. Surveys and climbdowns were carried out to determine the general condition of each tower and to identify remedial works that should be undertaken to preserve the longevity of each tower. 

During the survey, towers 2 and 5 were found to have excessive corrosion and would likely require a major intervention, or be replaced with new tower structures. 

Towers 1, 3 and 4 were found to have medium levels of corrosion, however would require bolt replacement, descaling, painting and earthing.

GRA Networks Ireland used Jotamastic 90 as the paint coating, specially designed for areas where optimum surface preparation is not possible. The paint provides long lasting protection in environments with high corrosivity such as Rosslare Europort with a high level of exposure to weather conditions and the proximity of the towers to the sea.

The remedial works to towers 1, 3 and 5 were successfully completed and delivered to meet the outcomes of Irish Rail and the Rosslare Europort Terminal.

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