Sunningdale Level Crossing Renewal

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) was awarded a multi-disciplinary contract on behalf of Atkins Global for the Civil and S&T installation works for a new level crossing at Sunningdale, which falls within Feltham Resignalling Phase 2.

The overall Feltham Resignalling Project covers the renewal of all signalling assets. Its area is covered by seven scheme plans, with delivery broken down into six separate Phases that align approximately to the Signalling Scheme Plan boundaries, Feltham ASC Signallers panels and Wokingham Signal Box.

Within the early advanced scope of Phase 2 was Sunningdale MCB-CCTV, which is subject to a full level crossing renewal – due for completion in November 2021. The scope encompasses life extension works with addition of barrier repositioning and narrowing of carriageway.

Clacton Resignalling Scheme

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL), has successfully completed a railway civil engineering design and build programme of works on behalf of partner Atkins Global, to support the upgrade the signalling systems in the Clacton-on-Sea area. 

The Clacton Resignalling Projects’ principle driver was the asset condition of the interlocking and associated track infrastructure at the throat of Clacton-on-Sea station.

Much of the signalling in the area dated back to 1958 and utilised a lever frame dating from 1891. There was a mixture of semaphore and colour-light signals, controlled by a mechanical/electro- mechanical lever frame. There was also a mechanical ground frame at Clacton Station. The existing signalling equipment has been previously subject of life extension works in both 1996 and 2004.

Many components were obsolete and only available on a repair and return basis. Most of the existing location cases had considerable corrosion. The signalling uses some single-cut circuits which are the subject of ORR concern. Searchlight signals were installed on this line, with known Wrong Side Failure (WSF) modes. P-Style relays in the lower portion of the box were recognised as susceptible to sliver migration. So, these works, will minimise maintenance and reduce whole life costs.

Greenwich SVC – Enclosure Design and Build

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has successfully completed the Design and Build of a Static VAR Compensator (SVC) Enclosure at Greenwich Generating Station. Under Power Upgrades Package 5C, Siemens, as Principal Contractor, appointed GRCL to deliver the project, to house the new SVC within a disused turbine hall. 

Access to the substation was via the Old Woolwich Road, which was challenging. An internal substation access road was used for all construction logistics and deliveries with minimum disruption caused to the local residents.

Whilst on site, GRCL were awarded a variation to provide further civils installation works associated with the extension to the existing 22kV Switch room located on the 1st Floor of the Sub-Station.  These works included the demolition of the existing wall, strengthening of the floor using steel support and concrete screed, blockwork walls, self-levelling screed, door installation and plinth foundations.

Thameslink Project

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has secured a multi-disciplinary S&T, Civils and E&P Points Heating remedial contract at London Bridge, on behalf of BAM Nuttall for the Thameslink Project. 

As part of the Thameslink Programme, the railway systems for London Bridge were completely remodelled to suit a new layout at the Station and provide substantial capacity improvements to enable amendments to the operational timetabling – this is referred to as the N421 Project.

However, the complexity of managing, staging and delivering the railway systems in order to meet the remodelling programme, necessitated a requirement for the railway systems infrastructure to be surveyed, in order to confirm both its suitability and the requirements to undertake further upgrades and rectifications as required.

Global Rail Construction Limited are among a team of specialist rail contractors working in a highly coordinated manner to deliver these important upgrades for Network Rail. The in-house team of multi-disciplinary experts from Global, have worked almost entirely within a live, operational environment, interfacing daily with equipment that is switched on, in a wholly compliant manner. 

The specialist discipline support services undertaken by Global Rail Construction Limited cover the entire end-to-end design and build scope of the Signalling, E&P and Ancillary Civil Engineering programme.

Barking Riverside Extension

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) were awarded the E&P and Ancillary Civil Engineering works for the joint venture of Volker Fitzpatrick and Morgan Sindall (VFMS), as part of the construction of a new 4.5 km extension to the London Overground route on the Gospel Oak to Barking line for Transport for London, whilst also meeting the requirements for integration onto existing Network Rail infrastructure.

The full project scope provides a new strategic rail connection in East London and included the modification of the existing railway lines from Barking station over a stretch of 3km with a new 1.5km railway viaduct extension from Renwick Road overbridge to a new terminus. This involved constructing an embankment ramp up to the new concrete viaduct supporting a two-track railway extension into the heart of a new residential development at Barking Riverside.

The requirements also included new Overhead Line Electrification (OLE), Signalling, Signalling Power, Domestic Power and Telecoms, providing a new elevated Rail section and station close to the Thames.

In addition to their core Civils and E&P scope of works, GRCL also supplied all materials handling and logistics management for the works, RRV’s as required, site haulage, HV comps and assessors and all necessary SMTH testing staff to support its works and enhance its self-delivery capability.

Felixstowe Capacity Upgrade Project

The Felixstowe Capacity Upgrade Project was a rail infrastructure programme for Network Rail, which involved the double tracking of sections of Permanent Way – over approximately 20 Kilometres between North Ipswich and Felixstowe – to increase capacity for the main freight route from the Port of Felixstowe.

The full project scope of works included upgrading five Level Crossings with new barrier controls and the installation of new Permanent Way, Signalling, Power and Telecoms for a new loop installation in order to facilitate the expansion of the strategically important freight connections.

The Principal Contractor for the works was Volker Fitzpatrick Ltd (VFL), acting on behalf of Network Rail as part of their Anglia Regional Collaboration (ARC) CP5 framework. Global Rail Construction Limited provided a fully managed sub-contract service to VFL, completing the full scope of Ancillary Civil Engineering and E&P works for the project.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce including design, civil and structural engineering and E&P expertise, along with in-house project management and having previously delivered time-pressurised, highly co-ordinated schemes, allowed Global Rail Construction Limited to provide the necessary solution in order to complete the works to meet the client’s requirements.

Feltham Resignalling Project Phase 1

Global Rail Construction Ltd (GRCL) delivered a compelling tender to Network Rail Infrastructure Projects (NR) and in early 2017, were awarded the Principal Contractors role for the Design and Construction of the full civil engineering scope of works for the Feltham Resignalling Project Phase 1.

This phase of works forms part of a major Re-Signalling project to renew life expired signalling, telecoms and power assets for Network Rail, comprising the renewal of 538 Signalling Equivalent Units (SEUs).

The geographical work-scope, which covers over 80 miles of railway lines also includes, for the first time, the introduction a brand new signalling system from Atkins – Elix.

Works were planned during mid-week days and nights, Saturday nights and a number of 28/52-hour railway possessions between weekend 20 – 2017 and weekend 12 – 2018.

The works were further extended to April 2019 by Network Rail during the course of the contract, whereby a number of Location Case concrete hardstandings were constructed; a number of PSP compounds were designed and constructed, 52 new signals were supplied, delivered and erected; new cable duct routes were added to a number of existing station platforms; and the installation of various new trough routes were completed including their associated design over bridge locations.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce including rail, civil and structural installation expertise, along with in-house project management, and having previously delivered time-pressurised re-signalling schemes, allowed Global Rail Construction to provide the necessary delivery solution and works have been fully completed to meet the client’s requirements.

V/Line – Tarneit Station Parking

As part of V/Line Corporation’s on-going stations and depots program to improve safety and reliability of their operations, Global Rail Australia was awarded a contract to undertake installation of bollards and fencing at Tarneit Railway Station.

This project was created to increase safety and retain accessibility for shared path users by providing a solution to protect V/Line assets including its footpaths, kerbs, drainage utilities, signage, light poles, trees, and roadside garden beds, is one of a number of rail projects that Global Rail Australia has undertaken for this client.

Global Rail Australia supplied and installed all materials, labour, equipment and machinery necessary and incidental to the performance of the works at Tarneit Railway Station – which is on the Geelong Line – and their solution now allows the station’s patrons to benefit from the remediation of the previous parking issues, which resulted in station public access paths often being used for parked vehicles.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce with Rail, Civil and Structural Installation expertise, Mechanical and Electrical plus General Construction capabilities, alongside in-house construction management, allowed Global Rail Australia to provide a compelling bid and ultimately deliver a highly commended project on behalf of V/Line.

Customer Experience Improvement Project – Platform 10 New Entry

As part of Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) on-going programme to improve the customer experience at Flinders Street Station, Global Rail Australia was awarded the contract to deliver the installation of a new entry ramp linking the existing platform 10 and the Southbank district of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

The scope involved the various complexities with working around a live railway environment, accentuated further by integrating these works around Victoria’s largest train station. Flinders Street Station is widely acknowledged as the preeminent landmark on Victoria’s rail network and welcomes in excess of 110,000 patrons daily. A key challenge was mitigating any impact on passengers and services throughout the project.

Global Rail Australia undertook to provide a new public access ramp with a modern overhead canopy designed to complement the existing heritage listed canopies. In addition, improved back of house facilities such as drivers huts and storage compounds also formed part of the scope.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce with rail, civil and structural installation expertise, Mechanical and Electrical plus general construction capabilities, along with in house construction management, allowed Global Rail Australia to provide a compelling bid and ultimately deliver a highprofile scope of works in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Accessibility Improvement Works

Rail infrastructure contractor Global Rail Services was awarded accessibility works at three railway stations on behalf of Irish Rail in August 2016.

Customers at Rathdrum, Mullinger and Leixlip Louisa Bridge Stations are now benefiting from Global Rail Services’ extensive experience in delivering construction solutions that enhance and improve their passenger experience.

The project was successfully completed, with key project milestones being met and a high quality end product to match, with Global Rail Services effectively managing and delivering the full suite of stakeholder expectations.

The works include complex in-situ civil engineering works, temporary works, roads and pavings, as well as rail engineering activities in respect of upgrading station platforms and railway pedestrian access. Global Rail Services also used its full infrastructure contracting experience to manage and deliver the interface between the highway and railway authorities.

The works were completed in a phased manner, with a final completion date of February 2017. To ensure that each milestone was achieved, Global Rail Services prepared detailed programmes and schedules and provided a dedicated and co-ordinated approach to project management throughout the works. Liaison with a myriad of stakeholders, along with a collaborative approach to these works, has paved the way for a professional delivery that has met and exceeded expectations.

Procurement of long lead items and contract approvals has formed an integral part of the project success. Global Rail Services has used its rail engineering experience to deliver a fully managed multi-disciplinary rail project to the delight of the client.