About us

The Global Infrastructure Group of companies consists of UK based Global Rail Construction Ltd, Irish based Global Rail Services Ltd, Australian based Global Rail Australia Pty Ltd and GRA Networks, a subsidiary operating in both Ireland and Australia. Read more

How we work

The Global Infrastructure Group directly employs more than 400 staff on projects in the UK, Ireland and Australia and plan for the future with a range of graduate schemes, internships and apprenticeships. Read more

Our activities

We provide a wide range of construction and engineering services to infrastructure sectors including rail and transport, telecoms, multi-utilities, power and communications. Read more

What we do

We have expansive experience within civil and structural, telecoms, signalling, mechanical and electrical engineering and offer both standalone services and a fully integrated solution to our clients. Read more

Our governance

The Global Infrastructure Group is governed and wholly owned by an experienced board of directors who have ultimate responsibility for the company’s overall performance and strategic direction.

Strong leadership and high standards of corporate governance ensure that we conduct our business with integrity and in accordance with our core values to deliver our sustainability strategy and objectives.

Under the leadership of Marco Lombardelli and Ivan Holloway, the Global Infrastructure Group has grown into a leading global, multi-disciplined engineering and construction organisation, providing a wide range of construction and engineering services to infrastructure sectors including transport, telecoms, power and communications.

Within these work streams, there are a number of companies and divisions, headed up by professional and experienced management teams who are responsible for operational performance and for implementing the principals, values and policy framework of the Group.

The Group is supported by key services including training and development, health, safety, quality, environment and compliance functions, which report to the board.

The Global Infrastructure Group is independently audited to ensure governance and compliance against internal, international and industry standards.

This governance structure ensures that in addition to a sound financial performance, the Global Infrastructure Group operates safely, ethically, sustainably and responsibly, with qualified professionals in all areas of the business.

Global Infastructure Group


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