About us

The Global Infrastructure Group of companies consists of UK based Global Rail Construction Ltd, Irish based Global Rail Services Ltd, Australian based Global Rail Australia Pty Ltd and GRA Networks, a subsidiary operating in both Ireland and Australia. Read more

How we work

The Global Infrastructure Group directly employs more than 400 staff on projects in the UK, Ireland and Australia and plan for the future with a range of graduate schemes, internships and apprenticeships. Read more

Our activities

We provide a wide range of construction and engineering services to infrastructure sectors including rail and transport, telecoms, multi-utilities, power and communications. Read more

What we do

We have expansive experience within civil and structural, telecoms, signalling, mechanical and electrical engineering and offer both standalone services and a fully integrated solution to our clients. Read more

Our history

The Global Infrastructure Group of companies, which have been established since 2001, incorporates – Global Rail Construction Ltd, Global Rail Services Ltd, Global Rail Australia Pty Ltd and GRA Networks a subsidiary operating in both Ireland and Australia.

The companies have grown their internal resource base to around 400 highly skilled individuals and have offices in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

The Directors have been involved within the railway and wider engineering industries since the early 1980s and have extensive experience working on fully managed design and build multi-disciplinary projects including, signalling, civil engineering and building, mechanical, electrical and power and telecommunications, all within the infrastructure sector.

Since its inception, Global Infrastructure Group has secured significant packages of work based on its expertise in various disciplines and by providing flexible management and skilled resources on a project-by-project basis.

As a result, it has successfully completed projects directly for a variety of clients ranging from State and semi-State bodies to local authorities and major rail organisations.

In addition, Global Infrastructure Group has worked as a supply chain partner on various high profile projects, in collaboration with major organisations within construction, engineering, energy and specialist services.

Global Infrastructure Group has over 500 years of management experience within its team, and has the ability to offer a complete turnkey service. This includes providing design and build services for maintaining infrastructure and completing modernisation projects.

Global Infastructure Group


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