About us

The Global Infrastructure Group of companies consists of UK based Global Rail Construction Ltd, Irish based Global Rail Services Ltd, Australian based Global Rail Australia Pty Ltd and GRA Networks, a subsidiary operating in both Ireland and Australia. Read more

How we work

The Global Infrastructure Group directly employs more than 400 staff on projects in the UK, Ireland and Australia and plan for the future with a range of graduate schemes, internships and apprenticeships. Read more

Our activities

We provide a wide range of construction and engineering services to infrastructure sectors including rail and transport, telecoms, multi-utilities, power and communications. Read more

What we do

We have expansive experience within civil and structural, telecoms, signalling, mechanical and electrical engineering and offer both standalone services and a fully integrated solution to our clients. Read more

Corporate Responsibility

The Global Infrastructure Group incorporates responsible behaviour at every stage of its activities, knowing our choices affect our communities, our people and our environment.

Being responsible is something we take very seriously.

Our group of companies plays a significant part in the daily routine of millions of people whether they are our own employees, our supply chain partners, our clients or the public – and at every opportunity we look to enhance their lives and minimise harm.

We comply with all relevant legislation as a minimum and work towards recognised good practice in sustainability and corporate responsibility. We are committed to a healthy and safe environment.

The company recognises and responds to the challenges and opportunities that are presented by climate change and it aims to manage its environmental footprint and enhance its performance in areas where it operates, particularly in relation to energy and waste.

The Global Infrastructure Group of companies look to develop internal and external awareness of their corporate responsibility and continues to recruit, train, develop and retain the best available workforce. Our expertise is directly reflected in the high quality of the services the company provides its clients and is vital to the future success of the business.

Global Infastructure Group


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