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GRA Networks offer infrastructure contracting services on a design and construct basis in the transport, telecommunications, utility and energy sectors, providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

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Ericsson & GRA Networks
14 May 2020

Ericsson 5G Upgrade Projects Success for GRA Networks Ireland

GRA Networks Ireland has been awarded a framework agreement with Ericsson to install 5G Technology on both Optus and Telstra Networks, including the upgrade of existing communication towers to support the new 5G technology.

GRA Networks Ireland’s scope covers the upgrade of headframes to accommodate extra equipment inclusive of new fibre trunk cables and also internal power upgrades.

Specific project deliverables include:

  • Removal and installation of new headframes
  • New RRUs
  • Installation of trunk cables, internal DC and patching equipment
  • New baseband units for 5G
  • New iDCDP for RRU power
  • Power system unit upgrades
  • Site integration and test calling

GRA Networks Ireland are delighted to be delivering this framework for Ericsson as an approved supplier and look forward to being able to develop this relationship over the next few years.

06 Apr 2020

From the Board of The Global Infrastructure Group of Companies

In these extremely challenging times, both Ivan and I would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with you and your families. At Global, the health and safety of our worldwide colleagues, customers, partners and the communities in which we serve is our number one priority. We have a legacy of responsible business and we are committed to doing all that we can to keep everyone safe and healthy, every day.

We are extremely proud of and grateful to all our committed teams who deliver every day to ensure business continuity. We have been taking strict precautions to protect them and their families, while maintaining customer service. Many of our rail, telecoms and construction works and of course our 24/7 emergency crews are essential, as we play an important part in maintaining and enhancing critical infrastructure. As a result, we have made extensive contingency plans to secure our supply chain and ongoing business. We are following the advice of all governments and public health authorities, and have proactively implemented a range of precautionary measures, from stringent sanitation and cleaning protocols, to workplace distancing, and a worldwide travel ban, by putting our people first.

Team GIG, thank you for your continued endeavour and trust and please do stay safe.

Best Regards,

Marco and Ivan

19 Mar 2020

ISO Update for UK and Ireland

Our Irish and UK businesses have successfully completed re-certification audits of their respective company Health, Safety and Quality Management systems.

Both Global Rail Services Limited (Ireland) and Global Rail Construction Limited (UK) included a challenging migration audit from OHSAS 18001 to the new Occupational Health and Safety Standard ISO 45001:2018.

Global Rail Services also successfully completed an audit of their ISO 9001:2015, which provides continuation of their ISO 9001 certification.

The Irish audits also covers the projects of GRA Networks Ireland – our Irish Telecoms Division.

Both UK and Irish businesses received no non-compliances – a fantastic achievement.

Our Global Family in Australia – Global Rail Australia Pty Limited and GRA Networks Australia – are just commencing the same migration process and we hope to report their progression very soon.

Co-Owner Marco Lombardelli added:

“Thanks to everyone involved for your continued support of our countrywide management systems, and a special mention to those of you who were directly involved in the audits conducted at our sites and respective Hatfield and Dublin offices.

“Your efforts are appreciated – keep up the good work.”

02 Sep 2019

GRA Networks Ireland Fleet Addition

GRA Networks Ireland, is pleased to present another new addition to its fleet – a brand new crew vehicle for its Telecoms division operations. The team at GRA Networks Ireland are very busy at present, delivering a number of contracts throughout Ireland – so this latest crew-bus is another very welcome addition. GRA Networks Ireland is currently recruiting for Wireless Riggers in support of its current extensive workload, supporting both private and public sector clients on high profile projects covering telecommunications, transportation, construction and engineering, energy and power.

GRA Networks Ireland is a multi-disciplined provider offering a comprehensive suite of services including design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of both fixed line and mobile communications networks.

As a full-service telecommunications contractor, GRA Networks Ireland provides a comprehensive range of services from upgrading existing infrastructure, to building new mobile phone towers and other wireless network infrastructure.

Learn more here:

Apply for our telecom’s vacancies here:

GRA Networks global operation is led by a group of dedicated industry professionals in both Ireland and Australia, who bring together a wide range of skills and experience that provide clients with the best possible solution.

01 Jun 2017

GRA Networks Ireland and ESB Telecoms Get Connected

We are proud to announce news of a long-term framework that has just been awarded to GRA Networks Ireland, in respect of ESB Telecoms Tower Build’s and Maintenance Services Programme. The works will be on behalf of ESB Telecoms Ltd (ESBT), who were established in 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of ESB Group, and are Ireland’s leading independent telecoms infrastructure and bandwidth solutions provider.

ESB (Electricity Supply Board) itself was founded in 1927 as a statutory corporation in the Republic of Ireland, and is currently 95% owned by the State. It is a vertically integrated utility, generating and delivering electricity to customers all over the Republic. ESB Group employs approximately 7,150 people.

GRA Networks Ireland was formed in 2011 as a result of an opportunity to supply a more comprehensive and effective delivery model in respect of Wireless Telecoms Services to Main Telecom Providers.

Since its inception, GRA Networks Ireland has secured significant packages of work based on its expertise in various disciplines and by providing flexible management and skilled resources on a project-by-project basis.

As a result, the company has successfully completed projects for a variety of clients ranging from state bodies and local authorities to major infrastructure organisations and network providers.

In addition, GRA Networks Ireland has worked as a supplier on various high profile projects in partnership with some of the most respected names in the telecoms, rail, construction and energy sectors.

This contract includes:

  • Completing climb downs on ESBT structures (reporting and signing off on both the integrity of the structure, the quantity of equipment installed and the quality of the installations on the structures on the Safety Extranet System)
  • Carrying out maintenance and repairs on ESBT sites e.g. weeding, painting, fence repairs, building repairs, access issues
  • Replacing fall arrest systems as required by ESBT
  • Performing earth testing to ESBT requirements
  • Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance on ESBT POP sites
31 May 2017

Global Rail Services secures prestigious contract with Irish Aviation Authority

Global Rail Services has been awarded an exciting new contract on behalf of the Irish Aviation Authority for the design, supply and installation of an Antennae Mast together with all associated building works and site development works at their facility in Rosslare, Co. Wexford.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is a commercial semi-state company employing approximately 650 people at six locations around Ireland. The IAA has three main functions: the provision of air traffic management and related services in Irish controlled airspace, the safety regulation of the civil aviation industry in Ireland and the oversight of civil aviation security in Ireland.

Global Rail Services will be working with their specialist subsidiary GRA Networks to deliver these works. GRA Networks is a full service telecommunications contractor and provides a comprehensive range of services from upgrading existing infrastructure, to building new mobile phone towers and other wireless network infrastructure. 

Tom Staunton, General Manager of Global Rail Services, commented on this award and said:

“Global Rail Services has a strong pedigree in the design and build of Antennae Masts throughout Ireland. Our experience working in highly regulated industries such as rail and transport infrastructure provides our clients with the necessary confidence to place contracts of this complexity with us.

“Global Rail Services and our subsidiary GRA Networks are delivering on our promises throughout Ireland, including current mast installation contracts on behalf of Irish Rail.

“We look forward to delivering another successful project, this time on behalf of our client IAA.”

Global Rail Services is part of the Global Infrastructure Group of companies, who are an internationally focussed; leading specialist organisation, delivering civil engineering, signalling, telecoms, mechanical and electrical design and build solutions within a number of core industries.

24 Apr 2017

Global Rail Services & GRA Networks Ireland Complete 40m Monopole Installation in Broombridge

We are pleased to announce the successful installation of a 40m monopole at the Broombridge radio site, as part of our ongoing signalling, electricial and telecommunications works for the LUAS’s BXD project on behalf of Efacec Portugal.

Luas Cross City is a new 5.6km light rail line that will run from Dublin city centre to Broombridge in the North West of the City.

The main purpose of the new Radio Transmission system is to provide radio voice and data communication services that will extend the existing Motorola Dimetra IP TETRA network in order to provide coverage to the new LUAS BXD Line.

The specific scope, at Broombridge Depot, covered the installation of a new MTS Base Station and a 40m monopole to support the antennas of the MTS.

The combined talent of Global Rail Services and GRA Networks Ireland – a division specifically formed to supply a more comprehensive delivery model in respect of Wireless Telecoms Services for major telecommunications projects and providers – fully managed the logistics in respect of the monopole components and carefully assembled them ready for the installation.

The monopole works were completed on time and to the satisfaction of Efacec. The full LUAS project is due for completion at the end of the year.

Tom Staunton, Global Rail Services General Manager, commented on this latest project milestone saying:

“Our partnership with Efacec continues to go from strength to strength. It is Global Rail Services ability to provide a fully managed and integrated service with our telecom division GRA Networks Ireland that really sets us apart. We look forward to further project milestones being achieved over the coming year”.

Global Rail Services is a rail infrastructure contractor operating on both mainline and light rail systems, with in-house capabilities across Civil Engineering, M&E, Building and Permanent Way. They offer a fully managed and cohesive service for their clients.

GRA Networks Ireland is a leading provider of services to clients in the transportation, telecommunications, utilities and energy markets, providing either sector specific services or a fully managed turnkey solution. They specialise in the design, installation, commissioning and testing of critical infrastructure in Ireland and also has an operation in Melbourne – GRA Networks Australia.

13 Oct 2016

GRA Networks Ireland completes Newstalk project

GRA Networks Ireland is a telecommunications specialist based in Dublin and is pleased to annouce the successful completion of our antenna installation work on behalf of Newstalk Radio.

The station which brings an exclusive talk based format sharing the best in opinions, analysis, entertainment and sport, had previously shared its transmission with Ireland’s national television and radio broadcaster RTE, however, approached GRA Networks Ireland to create an independent operation.

The scope of works involved the installation of Skymast S.4Y Yagi antennas and the running of EC400 10mm Coax cable from each antenna to comms rooms across eleven separate sites throughout Ireland – from Achill Island to Holywell Hill, Donegal – all within a two week deadline.

Due to the tight timeframe and the need to provide seamless integration from the old to the new to maintain a fully operational radio news service, GRA Networks Ireland collaborated closely with Newstalk, who accompanied GRA Networks Ireland each day, to ensure the swap over from the old system to the new system was undertaken with minimal impact to them.

Newstalk were very complimentary with regard to the progress and work practice that GRA Networks Ireland’s crew displayed and sent their thanks to the team for completing the project on time.

The works required maticulous planning and project management both on and off site and General Manager, Tom Staunton said:

“We are very pleased to have completed these works successfully.

“This was a challenging programme, however, our teams worked seemlessly with the clients intergration team to create the required solution.”

19 Aug 2016

GRA Networks Ireland installs new mast for Irish Defence Forces

GRA Networks Ireland has announced its appointment as the preferred supplier of construction services for Kona, on behalf of the Irish Defence Forces.

GRA Networks Ireland was appointed to install a new mast at Renmore Barracks, Galway, after the previous 65m lattice mast failed its structural analysis test. Kona won the tender for the decommission of this tower, appointing GRA Networks Ireland to assemble and install the new 65-metre tower, with works including:

  • assembly of tower sections at ground level;
  • turing of all sections;
  • pre-erection checks to ensure sections are built correctly and line up perfectly;
  • erection of the mast using a 100-tonne crane;
  • torqueing of flange plate bolts to specification;
  • transferring of army dipole antennae from a temporary site onto the new tower;
  • and installation of a half-inch feeder cable, with cable management, on the tower to army communications room.

GRA Networks Ireland is a multi-disciplined provider offering a comprehensive suite of services including design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of both fixed line and mobile communications networks.

As a full service telecommunications contractor, GRA Networks Ireland provides a comprehensive range of services from upgrading existing infrastructure, to building new mobile phone towers and other wireless network infrastructure.

16 Aug 2016

GRA Networks Ireland supplies wind farm’s communications requirements

GRA Networks Ireland has completed the installation of a meteorological mast at a wind farm in Tievenameenta, County Tyrone.

The wind farm was built by civils contractor Roadbridge in 2015. Following its construction, a 65-metre mast was required on site. GRA Networks Ireland was appointed for this project by Kona, having been contracted for a similar project for the Irish Defence Forces, at a site in Galway. Works at Tievenameenta included:

  • movement of tower sections from the storage area to the mast site, by teleporter;
  • pre-erection checks to ensure sections are built correctly and line up perfectly;
  • erection of the mast using a 100-tonne crane;
  • and torqueing of flange plate bolts to specification.
14 Aug 2016

GRA Networks Ireland completes mobile communications project in North Dublin

GRA Networks Ireland is completing a project to reroute traffic and decommission transmission links for mobile communications company, 3.

In 2015, 3 failed to regain planning permission for the SDH monopole in Glasnevin, Dublin, after the local authority called for its immediate decommissioning. An Bord Pleanála, the independent statutory body, ordered that 3 remove the phone mast, despite warnings that it would cause major service disruptions for customers in Dublin, Louth and Meath.

The 45-metre mast in the Dublin Industrial Estate facilitates mobile phone coverage and 2G, 3G and 4G internet services for 3 and Meteor customers in the area and farther afield. Local residents wanted the structure removed due to its “visually obtrusive” nature – a decision which An Bord Pleanála upheld.

Glasnevin is a very important area for 3, serving a key section of North Dublin and carrying a lot of traffic via microwave dishes and fibre. GRA Networks was contracted by the mobile communications giant to complete a package of works to re-route links on Site 34 and decommission links on the tower. This includes included carrying out line of sight surveys, interconnects, and the patching and rerouting of traffic at several sites around Dublin.

So far, the following works have been completed:

  • decommission of 22no. links off Glasnevin SDH tower;
  • carrying out seven line of sight surveys;
  • successful installation of 17 interconnects;
  • and the re-route of several associated sites.
11 Jul 2016

GRA Networks Ireland sending out the right signals by improving network coverage at one of Ireland’s top Hotel’s

Lough Rynn Castle is one of Ireland’s most luxurious castle hotels, set on the shore of Lough Rynn, surrounded by over 300 acres of breath-taking scenery. Trip Advisor reviews boast of it being a ‘hidden gem’ but the only drawback for guests to this majestic hotel was the lack of Wi-Fi and mobile phone coverage.

The black spot was targeted by Vodafone and Netshare Ireland and the work, which was awarded to GRA Networks, was executed promptly, efficiently and very discreetly so as not to cause disruption to any of the staying guests.

General Management of the hotel expressed their delight to Netshare Ireland regarding the efficiency of the GRA Networks team and have noticed a significant improvement in their coverage. Off the back of this significant improvement, Netshare Ireland are using the Lough Rynn project success as an example to other hotels in remote locations around Ireland.

28 Apr 2016

GRA Networks Ireland awarded framework with Irish Rail for Mobile Communications (GSM-R) radio systems

Irish Rail as part of their rail network communications upgrade works, have awarded GRA Networks Ireland works as part of the 2-3 year phased roll out of GSM-R – which is the international wireless communications standard for railway communication and applications.

The system, which is used for communication between the train and railway regulation control centres, requires GRA Networks Ireland to install a series of Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REB) and telecoms towers.

The system on installation, will guarantee Irish Rail performance speeds at 310mph, without any communication loss and the system can transmit both data and voice.

Working to a phased completion program, GRA Networks Ireland has completed sites at Jonesborough, Limerick, Gormanston and Rush and Lusk and their multi-faceted team are providing to be a safe, secure and collaborative working partner.

Phase 2 has now commenced, as GRA Networks Ireland look to continue to reach the heights expected – by delivering works on time and to the required budget.

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