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Global Rail Australia Pty Ltd is part of the Global Infrastructure Group and is a leading Australian provider of design, construct and commission services for clients across a wide range of engineering and infrastructure industries

Our Projects

Global Rail Australia has proven experience in deliver of the most exacting projects across a diverse range of service sectors.

Our in-house capabilities, our scale and our supply chain partnerships have allowed Global Rail Australia to deliver complex multi-disciplinary projects that make a positive difference to our clients, across the Australian infrastructure industry that we serve.

Murrumbeena circles

Murrumbeena Heritage Building Refurbishment

CLIENT: VicTrack
DATE: Jul 2023
LOCATION: Murrumbeena

Global Rail Australia Pty Limited has completed a fully managed $500,000 refurbishment of three attached buildings in Neerim Road Murrumbeena for key client VicTrack. Each building was previously a single storey shop and following a section of internal wall being removed between two of the buildings, Global Rail Australia has successfully created a large single commercial unit. The works were completed on a fast track basis with a contract program of works of just four months

The existing heritage buildings consist of solid masonry external and internal walls, sheet metal mono-slope roofs, and a combination of timber and concrete floors. The shop fronts being almost entirely glazed up to the underside of the front canopy which cantilevers across the entire footpath and extends across the three shops plus a walkway and two adjacent shops. The canopy has a sheet metal mono-slope roof and a pressed metal ceiling cladding. There are solid masonry parapets above all walls except the rear wall.

Brooklyn substation circles

Brooklyn substation civil works

CLIENT: Zinfra
DATE: Sep 2023
LOCATION: Brooklyn, Victoria

Global Rail Australia’s internal division – GRA Networks – and their Power Infrastructure team, has been successfully delivering a complex civil, structural, and building contract to support a vital new substation project for valued client Zinfra, who build, operate, and maintain energy infrastructure assets in Australia, and are one of a number of valued clients of Global Rail Australia, whereby our teams support their projects through a comprehensive range of engineering, project management, construction, operation and maintenance delivery services.

The project commenced in April 2023, in order to supply customer – energy asset owner and operator, Jemena Electricity Networks – with a new substation in Brooklyn. The new substation is located at 598 Geelong Rd, Brooklyn, VIC 3012 and will be staged with the initial load supply expected to be supplied by August 2023, with project commissioning due in September 2023.


V/Line – Tarneit Station Parking

CLIENT: V/Line Corporation (V/Line)
DATE: Jun 2018
LOCATION: Tarneit Station

As part of V/Line Corporation’s on-going stations and depots program to improve safety and reliability of their operations, Global Rail Australia was awarded a contract to undertake installation of bollards and fencing at Tarneit Railway Station.

This project was created to increase safety and retain accessibility for shared path users by providing a solution to protect V/Line assets including its footpaths, kerbs, drainage utilities, signage, light poles, trees, and roadside garden beds, is one of a number of rail projects that Global Rail Australia has undertaken for this client.

Global Rail Australia supplied and installed all materials, labour, equipment and machinery necessary and incidental to the performance of the works at Tarneit Railway Station – which is on the Geelong Line – and their solution now allows the station’s patrons to benefit from the remediation of the previous parking issues, which resulted in station public access paths often being used for parked vehicles.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce with Rail, Civil and Structural Installation expertise, Mechanical and Electrical plus General Construction capabilities, alongside in-house construction management, allowed Global Rail Australia to provide a compelling bid and ultimately deliver a highly commended project on behalf of V/Line.


Customer Experience Improvement Project – Platform 10 New Entry

CLIENT: Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)
DATE: May 2018
LOCATION: Flinders Street Station

As part of Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) on-going programme to improve the customer experience at Flinders Street Station, Global Rail Australia was awarded the contract to deliver the installation of a new entry ramp linking the existing platform 10 and the Southbank district of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

The scope involved the various complexities with working around a live railway environment, accentuated further by integrating these works around Victoria’s largest train station. Flinders Street Station is widely acknowledged as the preeminent landmark on Victoria’s rail network and welcomes in excess of 110,000 patrons daily. A key challenge was mitigating any impact on passengers and services throughout the project.

Global Rail Australia undertook to provide a new public access ramp with a modern overhead canopy designed to complement the existing heritage listed canopies. In addition, improved back of house facilities such as drivers huts and storage compounds also formed part of the scope.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce with rail, civil and structural installation expertise, Mechanical and Electrical plus general construction capabilities, along with in house construction management, allowed Global Rail Australia to provide a compelling bid and ultimately deliver a highprofile scope of works in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District.


Bayside Rail Project (BRP) – Caulfield Covered Walkways Project

CLIENT: Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM
DATE: Dec 2016
LOCATION: Caulfield Railway Station, Melbourne, Australia

As part of Metro Trains Melbourne’s (MTM) on-going programme to improve the railway network, Global Rail Australia (Global Rail) was awarded the contract to deliver the installation of the new covered walkway structures at Caulfield Railway Station.

After a very competitive tenderprocess, Global Rail was awarded the contract in Mid-2016, for commencement on site in August 2016. The works formed a key project milestone for the overall Bayside Rail Project.

The scope involved the various complexities with working around a live railway environment. Caulfield Railway Station is one of the busiest in the Metropolitan system in Melbourne, with –up to 25,000 commuters a day passing through the station. Works involved a mixture of day and night shifts to minimise impact on the station, which was required to remain fully operational at all times.

Global Rail undertook to provide two new Heritage approved walkway cover structures, fabricated and installed to provide weather-proof covering to the existing access ramps (north and south sides) to the underpass at the station, including all associated mechanical and electrical (M&E) services to the structures. The provision of modern state-of-the-art lighting was a key feature of the project.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce including rail, civil and structural installation expertise, M&E, and general construction capabilities, along with in-house project management, allowed Global Rail to provide a compelling bid, deliver on programme to the client’s expectations and produce a high-quality final finish to such a visible and keynote project for MTM.


Maintaining Our Railway Network (MORN) – Platform Shelter Project

CLIENT: Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)
DATE: Jun 2016
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

As part of Metro Trains Melbourne on-going program to improve the railway network, Global Rail Australia were initially awarded a contract to install 10No platform shelters of various sizes across the metro networks metropolitan stations.

Having successfully delivered the first Phase, Global Rail Australia was awarded further contracts and to date Global Rail Australia have installed 25 platform shelters at various locations.

The works commenced in April 2015 and form a fundamental part of the MORN programme to improve passenger experience at metropolitan railway stations around Melbourne.

The scope involves the complexities of working around a live railway environment, materials management and site logistics, to then construct at each site a new shelter consisting of a fabricated and powder coated structural steel frame, a new roof, guttering and downpipes, perforated side panels, new seating and associated bases, new ceiling panelling and electrical lighting works.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce including Civil and Structural Engineering, M&E and General Construction along with in-house project management, allowed Global Rail Australia to provide a compelling bid, deliver to program and produce a high quality finish on every occasion.


Station Works – Design and Construct

DATE: Jan 2015
LOCATION: Wangaretta and Benalla Stations

Global Rail Australia successfully secured by competitive tender the design and construction of platform upgrade works at both Wangaratta and Benalla stations by V/ Line – the government-owned corporation that operates the regional passenger train and coach services in Victoria, Australia.

Offering an innovative design solution for the works, Global Rail Australia’s proposal, provided V/Line with a cost effective multi-disciplinary solution and a fully managed service that both minimized disruption and reduced the requirement for operational interface at each station. This project to upgrade redundant platforms at Wangaratta and Benalla Stations, was necessitated by the increase in freight and passenger services and allowed these stations to be brought fully back into service.

The scope of the works which included tactile tile installation, augmentation of the existing CCTV and PA systems and associated access works at Wangaratta – including the upgrade of the platform ramp, adjacent landscaping, removal of sleepers, new signage and application of a non-slip coating – allowed Global Rail Australia to supply the full breadth of its in-house services across, M&E, civil engineering and general construction. Operating in a live railway environment, Global Rail Australia – having worked on numerous railway projects – worked under the supervision of a Track Force Co-ordinator and Look-outs throughout the extent of the works.


Lethbridge Superstructure Replacement Works

DATE: May 2016
LOCATION: O Connor Road, Victoria

Global Rail Australia secured via competitive tender the contract on behalf of regional train operator V-Line in 2016, to provide a full turnkey civil and structural engineering service, for the fabrication and installation of a new bridge superstructure in Victoria.

The existing Railway Bridge, sits on the Ballarat passenger service line at O’Connor, serving the regional districts of Victoria.

V-Line as part of a large programme of rail upgrades, selected Global Rail Australia as the preferred contractor to replace the life expired wrought iron and timber structure with a newly fabricated concrete superstructure.

The works required careful planning and involved detailed surveys, production of detailed shop drawings for the new deck and walls, pre-installation testing of the fabricated concrete sections and the replacement of the bridge during a three-day occupation of the railway line.

Scaffolding was erected on O’Connor Road adjacent to the bridge abutments and during the railway closure, the existing tracks were lifted out and the rail ballast removed, to facilitate the removal of the old structure.

The new bridge deck and walls were then lifted with a 100 tonne crane – fully facilitated on site by the Global Rail Australia’s specialist civil and structural engineering crew. These were then carefully lowered into position, where Global’s site engineering team could fix them into their correct positions.

Due to the railway closure alternative bus services were laid on to enable passengers affected by the closure to travel around the works.

Works were completed on time and the project was handed back on 22nd May 2016.

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