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Global Rail Australia Pty Ltd is part of the Global Infrastructure Group and is a leading Australian provider of design, construct and commission services for clients across a wide range of engineering and infrastructure industries

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04 Sep 2018

Global Rail Australia and MTM Working to Mitigate The Risks of Fatigue

With the expansion of the rail industry in Australia, one of our biggest safety risks isn’t necessarily something you can see out on the track or the construction site.

Fatigue is one of the major risk factors across the transport and construction industries today. It’s a leading cause of workplace accidents and has contributed to up to 30% of deaths on our roads. Fatigue is more than feeling tired and drowsy, it is a state of mental and/or physical exhaustion that reduces a person’s ability to perform work safely and effectively.

In light of this, the team at Global Rail Australia has been working in collaboration with one of its key clients Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), as part of their Fatigue Risk Management Working Group, to help put together some awareness videos on managing Fatigue in the workplace. Three videos have been developed which are aimed at Frontline staff, Site Management and company Executives, to show how this issue affects personnel at all levels, and also examine how fatigue is impacting our industry and what we need to do to stay on top of it.

CEO Ivan Holloway, also added:

“As part of our overall commitment to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all personnel and visitors, Global Rail Australia is actively working together with MTM to prevent and manage risk associated with fatigue in the workplace. We believe through educational training, that the industry can continue towards its goal of providing the most safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors.”

View the executive video here:

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