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Global Rail Construction Ltd is a Principal Contractor and a leading UK provider of design and build services to clients in the rail and transportation sector.

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Arundel, Ford & Littlehampton design award circles
31 Oct 2022

Arundel, Ford and Littlehampton Design Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) is delighted to announce the award of a prestigious civil and structural engineering design contract for valued client Alstom, which forms part of the Arundel, Littlehampton, and Ford Signalling Contract.

The project will replace life expired signalling and other supporting equipment with new modern equivalent. The interlockings impacted are Arundel, Ford, and Littlehampton with fringe alterations to Lancing, Horsham and Barnham. The improvements will support mainly passenger trains, with services operated by GTR Southern, GTR Thameslink and the Great Western Railway. There are three level crossings and several under worked crossings within this geographical area.

GRCL’s scope covers a PACE 2/GRIP 4 turn-key civil and structural engineering design service and includes arranging and facilitating all design workshops and necessary trackside topographical and ground investigation surveys covering new signal locations, PSP’s, UTX’s, station platform cable routes, and signal post telephones.

This will also comprise a review of PACE 1/GRIP 3 and any pre-GRIP 4 deliverables, to propose where survey requirements can be removed based upon the existing information available. The required output from this phase will be:

  • Production of a single option developed Civil Form A design including redundant equipment recovery
  • Completion of a structures detailed examination report to prove the integrity of any affected existing structures
  • A structures feasibility report
  • A surface water drainage feasibility report

GRCL will provide all necessary design and survey resources as well as all design and project management staff and associated administrative support for the works and supply all necessary manuals, drawings, and design data to support the development of a single option solution in compliance with all applicable Network Rail standards and UK and European legislative requirements.

The design team will work in accordance with the requirements of the Southern Capital Delivery Programme integrated operating environment that defines safety, engineering, sustainability, and project controls for the delivery of projects. The team will also support information management procedures through use of the Bentley eB document control process.

GRCL will also obtain the required design checks and third-party technical approvals before submitting their design particulars and shall ensure that design checks are undertaken by their suitably qualified and persons in accordance with the appropriate standards according to asset type: NR/L2/CIV/003.

MD Marco Lombardelli commented on this success, saying:

“We are delighted with this award, which is testament to previous design and survey success with Alstom. Our philosophy will be to adopt a system engineering approach to all design integration and engineering work to deliver right first time, safe and sustainable solutions.”

GRCL’s design and consultancy team constantly adapts to new technology and innovation. State-of-the-art computer-aided design and simulation systems are used to assist with analysis and design, providing significant advantages for clients by lowering project costs and reducing programmes timescales.

In-house activities include:

  • Civil engineering and structural design
  • Mechanical, electrical, and power design
  • Telecoms design
  • CAD drafting and design including 3D modelling
  • Independent design reviews
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