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Gambridge resignalling circles
11 Aug 2020

Cambridge Re-signalling GRIP4 Survey Contract Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) are delighted to announce the award of a new rail contract for long-term client Alstom, for GRIP4 ECI survey works on the Cambridge Inner and Outer Re-Signalling & Re-Control Project.

The overall project aim is to improve the reliability and performance of the signalling system in the Cambridge interlocking area. As part of the project, the existing assets are to be surveyed and their continued use validated. Geographically the project covers roughly the track on the approaches to a triangle between Cambridge, Ely and Bury St Edmonds.

In summary, GRCL’s survey works include the following items:

  • Surveying, rodding and roping 42No Under Track Crossings & provide condition and capacity report
  • Surveying, rodding and roping 33No Under Road Crossings & provide condition and capacity report
  • Surveying existing S&T Troughing & providing a condition and capacity report (inc. vegetation management where necessary), where proposed new feeder cables are to be installed – approx. 100km
  • Conducting Ground Investigation and providing condition reports at Signal locations, Level Crossings, Station Platforms, PSP and REB sites
  • Trial Hole Pits at each new UTX or URX Chamber location
  • Conducting Load Monitoring and providing condition reports
  • Topographical surveys
  • Conducting Ground Penetrating Radar surveys
  • Conducting Lighting Lux Level surveys
  • Conducting GPR surveys
  • Conducting gauging surveys
  • Undertaking soakage tests and slit trench surveys

Works will be carefully co-ordinated and delivered during Rules of the Route published possessions/line blockages and isolations with safety critical support, during both midweek and weekend days/nights. Additionally, there are a number of longer, disruptive possessions with isolations to be utilised.

There are many risks associated with working on the rail infrastructure. GRCL’s in-house project management team will be responsible for the delivery of this package of works and will seek to carry out a full assessment of the risks in order to feed into the overall design process.

GRCL’s approach is to think about health and safety in terms of buildability, maintainability and usability at all stages of the design process, so it becomes a natural part of the design. At each stage, GRCL’s delivery team will identify and eliminate hazards. They aim to maintain close communication with key project stakeholders, to support the reduction of the risks that may arise during construction work, which will enable the plan to be kept on track without exception.


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