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14 Apr 2020

Clacton Re-signalling Railway Civils Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL), has been awarded a railway civil engineering design and build programme of works on behalf of Atkins Global. Clacton Re-signalling’s principal driver is the asset condition of the interlocking and associated track infrastructure at the throat of Clacton-On-Sea station.

Much of the signalling in the area dates back to 1958 and utilises a lever frame dating from 1891. There is currently a mixture of semaphore and colour-light signals, controlled by a mechanical/electro- mechanical lever frame. There is also a mechanical ground frame at Clacton Station. The existing signalling equipment has been the subject of life extension works in 1996 and 2004.

Many components are obsolete and only available on a repair and return basis. Most of the existing location cases have considerable corrosion. The signalling uses some single-cut circuits which are the subject of ORR concern. Searchlight signals are installed on this line, with known Wrong Side Failure (WSF) modes. P-Style relays in the lower portion of the box have been recognised as susceptible to sliver migration. So these works, will look to minimise maintenance and reduce whole life costs.

GRCL’s civil engineering contract covers the provision of a full site-setup, all necessary management and supervision, materials, plant and delivery to the point of construction. The scope consists of the following elements:

  • Vegetation clearance
  • Design and Build of 1No Location Staging Platform
  • Design and Build of 11No Signal Foundations (mixture of concrete and piled solutions)
  • The installation of other ancillary railway civils including location hardstanding’s, RRAP’s, cable routes and a Relocatable Equipment Building foundation base and associated works (Design by Atkins)
  • Site Clearance and Waste Recovery throughout construction and upon completion

Managing Director, Marco Lombardelli added:

“This is a fantastic award for the UK team.

“Utilising our railway design and construction capabilities in civil and structural engineering, we look forward to the successful completion of these important works, in order to upgrade the signalling systems in the Clacton-on-Sea area.

“This is another collaboration with our partner Atkins Global, and we look forward to many more.”

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