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Global Rail Construction Ltd is a Principal Contractor and a leading UK provider of design and build services to clients in the rail and transportation sector.

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Global Rail Construction Goes GAGA
20 Jun 2017

Global Rail Construction Goes GAGA

The Galvanising Association has been providing an authoritative guidance and information service on hot dip galvanising since 1949 and has specifically recognised and commended its use since 1994, via its annual awards ceremony the “GAGAs”.

Global Rail Construction Ltd (GRCL) is delighted to have been shortlisted for a construction award in respect of the installation of their large hot dip galvanised (HDG) steel signal structures and foundations for Network Rail at Crossrail.

An in-house design and build team has enabled GRCL to construct many galvanised signal support structures for the UK Rail Infrastructure over the years.

Engineering and Sustainability

GRCL’s contract specifically covered the design, supply and installation of several large HDG steel signal structures including a five-track gantry signal and a large HDG steel two-track cantilever structure, plus several smaller HDG steel lightweight gantry and cantilever structures.

The use of HDG delivers many advantages over more traditional methods and also allows HDG at the end of the installation life, to be easily removed and either reused or recycled.

GRCL’s engineering team offered a thoroughly sustainable approach to the project lifecycle, allowing them to consider all aspects of material construction and deconstruction. This approach helped to ensure that all the constituent parts of the project were either easily recovered for reuse or recycling.


Directly employed GRCL staff installed all HDG foundations and structures. The lightweight “no access” cantilever and gantry structures were installed during midweek night shifts and isolations using RRV cranes.

The large two-track access cantilever at Maidenhead was installed over several weekend possessions, which was complicated by the early running of the new Overhead Line Wires (OLE) in the area. Careful planning of the lifts enabled the structure to be installed between the wires, which allowed all works to be completed and handed over on time and to budget.

Hot Dip Galvanizing has protected steel across UK and Ireland for more than 150 years. It bonds itself metallurgically to steel imparting toughness and abrasion resistance through its alloy layers. Its unique characteristics help provide a long maintenance free life for steel.

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