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Global Rail Construction Ltd is a Principal Contractor and a leading UK provider of design and build services to clients in the rail and transportation sector.

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22 Feb 2021

Global Rail Construction Limited Introduce Real Time Paperless Technology at Feltham

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) are pleased to announce the delivery of our promise to our client Network Rail, with the exciting introduction of a new online digital construction platform for its Feltham Phases 3-4 Advanced Civils Project. Its winning bid was based upon the provision of paperless technology as part of its UK operational drive towards sustainable, carbon neutral contracting.

From a bespoke list of requirements, our partner innDex has taken many of our existing paper-based site processes and procedures from a paper based, manual process and moved them into a real time application, which is now at the fingertips of our whole workforce.

As a rail business, compliance, processes and procedures are at the heart of what GRCL does and crucial to the delivery of our projects to the expected standards of every client. This platform brings together communication and decision making in real time, whereby GRCL will have at their fingertips, the full picture of each and every project delivered and be able to delve into historical projects, to support its continuous improvement drive through lessons learning. Dashboards like the ones shown are ready to help the project monitor and report about its people, health and safety matters and project progress.

Health, safety and wellbeing of our people matters more than ever and the innDex platform will support GRCL, with adherence to project health and safety requirements, allowing the company to address and resolve any issues quickly. It will further enhance GRCL’s site induction process too, reducing induction times by over 75%, with the ability to add videos or slideshows to this process, so that staff can be both briefed and site familiarised prior to even setting foot on site. Other features include real-time submissions of close calls, which can easily be viewed, addressed and closed out by the site team through the live dashboard reports. The innDex platform also supports digital toolbox talks and briefings to ensure that the whole team are up to date with any safety information and are aware of any hazards to watch out for on site.

Furthermore, we are using the application in support of our Covid-19 compliance, through the provision of a digital signing on process with a number of key questions that each member of staff/supply chain partner will need to answer prior to being able to sign into the shift. This goes together with our mandatory policy of testing and taking and recording temperatures for every individual at the start of each shift.

Global Rail Construction Limited’s Managing Director, Marco Lombardelli added:

“This paperless solution supports our UK sustainability objectives and enhances our business operations, to the benefits of both our entire workforce and our clients. By having full visibility of all our employees and supply chain in terms of skills, competence, experience and location, we can plan out and resource our projects in the most sustainable way. We are also able to calculate carbon footprint on our projects and further offset to become carbon neutral, with our business target of all projects to be carbon neutral by 2026.

“innDex have supported GRCL through bringing together processes into a single solution, allowing us to automate and digitalise, in order to improve our efficiency, productivity and health and safety.

“GRCL now have a platform with new, innovative features and functionality and as business are constantly on the lookout for new technology to improve how we operate and how this will benefit the UK rail industry and its passengers.”

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