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22 Jun 2018

Global Rail Construction Limited Secure Design Contract

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has recently been awarded a package of design works on behalf of South East Multi-Functional Framework Contractor, BAM Nuttall.

The contract includes the production of GRIP 4 and 5 designs for a cable management system, to provide a continuous and secure CRMS to support Power/Signal cables (Primary) and fibre optic cable (Diverse) between Gunnersbury Junction and Richmond Station on ELR SAR2.  The wider contract also includes further cable management on ELR SAR1, heading towards Action Wells, and on the ELR ATG towards Turnham Green.

Intensive site surveys have already commenced (during Week 12), to determine the route from Richmond towards Gunnersbury (ELR: SAR2) via Kew Garden. This includes the additional route from Gunnersbury towards Acton Well (ELR: SAR1) and Turnham Green (ELR: ATG).  GRCL will produce feasibility reports including surveys of the existing route and option analysis which will be produced and submitted to BAM Nuttall for approval.

The final report will include the following details:

  • Areas where the aspirations for cable route can be met
  • Areas where the aspirations for the cable route cannot be
  • Alternative solutions for those areas where the aspirations cannot be met.
  • Within the vicinity of Kew Gardens Station;
    • If there is an existing UTX with sufficient capacity to allow the traversing of the primary and diverse routes.
    • If not, a proposal for the siting of a new UTX
  • At the RRAP at Kew Gardens;
    • If there is an existing URX with sufficient capacity to allow the diverse routes to pass below the RRAP.
    • If not, a proposal for a new URX
  • Cable route via Kew Railway Bridge

GRCL’s involvement is part of the wider Four Lines Modernisation (4LM) Project. Which will see the replacement of all the signalling equipment on all Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, all of which will be monitored from a new control centre currently under construction in Hammersmith replacing the numerous signal cabins and service control centres across the four lines.  The new signalling system uses a moving block system otherwise known as Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) which uses Wi-Fi to constantly let controllers know where trains are and how fast they are going. Precise speeds will be set by computers so trains will be able to run at higher speeds and closer together. This will provide Central London with a maximum service frequency of 32 trains per hour (every 2 minutes) by the time the upgrade is complete in 2023.

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