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14 Mar 2019

Global Rail Construction Secure E&P and Civils Works on Barking Riverside Extension

Global Rail Construction Limited are delighted to announce their award of the E&P and ancillary Civil Engineering works for the joint venture of Volker Fitzpatrick and Morgan Sindall (VFMS), who were successful with the award for the construction of the 4.5 km extension to the Gospel Oak to Barking line.

Works include the modification of the existing railway lines from Barking station over a stretch of 3km with a new 1.5km railway viaduct extension from Renwick Road overbridge to the new terminus station. This will involve constructing an embankment ramp up to the new concrete viaduct supporting a 2-track railway extension into the heart of a new residential development at Barking Riverside.

In addition to the civils and E&P scope of works, GRCL will also be supplying all materials handling and logistics management for their works, RRV’s as required, site haulage and the provision of all HV comps and assessors including all necessary SMTH testing staff to support the works and enhance their self-delivery capability.

GRCL’s Operations Director, Sean Donaghey, who played a large part in the successful bid, added:

“This is great news for GRCL and shows the continued growth of our multi-disciplinary offering.  This is a prestigious contract for the company and we look forward to working collaboratively with VFMS to deliver a safe, high quality service, in order to meet the project timeframe.  Many thanks to all of the GRCL team for their efforts in securing these works.”

Global Rail Construction’s scope includes delivery of the following Railway Ancillary Civil Engineering Works:

  • Demolition works
  • Construction of Distribution Network Operator (DNO) bases
  • Installation of Points Heating Control Cubicle (PHCC) precast foundations
  • Installation of Points Heating Transformer precast bases
  • Installation of TCB precast bases
  • Lighting Column foundation bases
  • Lighting Control Cubicle (LCC) foundations
  • Alterations to LV Compound Layout
  • Construction of bases for L.V panels
  • Alterations to Hard landscaping areas
  • Fencing works and gates
  • Vegetation Clearance
  • Roadways and Vehicular Access areas
  • Troughing works – new installation
  • Troughing works – Lift & Shift to refurbished & upgraded elevated route
  • PSP bases
  • FSP’s foundation bases
  • 9No 9-way UTX’s
  • 1No 6-way URX
  • Safe Walkways
  • Signage bases
  • Construction of Single location Bases and hardstand areas
  • Construction of Half location Bases and hardstand areas
  • Construction of signal support structures and foundations
  • Construction of concrete foundations for hinged single posts
  • Installation of Structural steel staging platforms incl foundations

Global Rail Construction’s E&P scope of works includes the following deliverables and includes the Completion of all NICEIC Certification, As Built record drawings, O&M’s and Completion and delivery of Ellipse data.


  • Installation of new L.V Submain supplies for the new lighting installations
  • Installation of Staircase Lighting Control Panel
  • LED Bulkhead Luminaires
  • Lighting Control Switches complete with enclosure & associated equipment cabling
  • Installation of containment associated with staircase lighting
  • Modifications to existing L.V Distribution equipment
  • Disconnection and removal of existing REB supply
  • DNO earthing and bonding to trackside Spider Plate
  • Install all associated cabling and containment
  • Management and installation of all associated cabling for the works

L.V Power Distribution

  • 3 new DNO Cubicles including all associated equipment & control
  • New L.V Sub main installations to supply L.V power requirements for all E&P Rail Systems

OLE Systems – L.V power

  • V Submain Cabling for trackside Motorised Operating Switches (MOS)
  • Supply and Installation of MOS distribution cubicles including 230/120v transformer for Scada

Points Heating

  • Installation of 3 new Points Heating Control Cubicles
  • Installation of Point Heating Transformers (10Kva)
  • Installation of Point Heating Transformers (5Kva)
  • Installation of Post Mounted Trackside Connection Boxes (GRP)
  • Installation of Points heaters for 18 Point ends
    • Installation of Hot and Cold Temperature Probes
    • Weather Monitoring Equipment
    • Installation of Remote Conditioning Unit Cabling
    • Installation of Trackside point heating cabling
  • Installation of L.V Sub main supplies for new Points Heating Control Cubicles
  • Installation of L.V supplies to Point Heating Transformers

Signalling Power

  • Installation of 37 new Function Supply Points (FSP’s) for new 650v Signalling feeders
    • Viaduct Feeder B installation 2c 50mm² XLPE/FGT/PVC Enhanced unarmoured
    • West Feeder 2A & 2B installation 2c 95mm² XLPE/FGT/PVC Enhanced unarmoured
    • West Feeder 1A & 1B installation 2c 95mm² XLPE/FGT/PVC Enhanced unarmoured
    • Reconfiguration of existing Signalling feeders at Barking and Dagenham Dock
    • Migration of Signalling power from existing Signalling LOC’s to new FSP Feeders
  • Installation of New Sub-distribution cubicle to power new Signalling Feeders
  • Install 3 new sub-distribution cubicles and associated equipment and carry out modifications to existing
  • New insulation monitoring device with connections to the existing CDS
  • Management of all existing trackside cabling – Lift & shift
  • Tag and Trace identification of all existing trackside cabling

Principle Supply Points (PSP)

  • Modifications and reconfiguration of existing PSP’s
  • Testing & Commission on completion of the works
  • Recovery of all redundant 650v Feeder cables
  • Recalibration of PSP Bender units

Train Power Systems (RSC)

  • Installation of 8,500m new return screen conductor cabling 19/4.22
  • Supply and installation of bonding connections to 37 FSP’s to RSC
  • Supply and installation of bonding connection to 24 Signalling LOC’s
  • Structural Bonding connections of new viaduct to RSC
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