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19 Dec 2019

Thameslink Metropolitan Reversible Cable Containment Works Success for GRCL

GRCL are delighted to announce the award of a Civils and E&P contract on behalf of long-term partner BAM, covering the completion of cable containment works between London Bridge and Cannon Street.

The full scope of this contract is to conclude residual works from the original Thameslink Key Output 2 (KO2), with the majority of the works being carried out in the central section inside Greater London.

The award supports the relocation of the DC feeders currently running down the West side of the Metropolitan Reversible Line between Metropolitan Junction and Cannon Street South Junction. The cables are currently surface laid and will be relocated into three newly installed GRP trough routes, by GRCL’s experienced railway civils team.

Running adjacent to the current location of the feeder cables is potentially an HV feeder cable(s) which will also require an HV assessment. This will be carried out before the main works under a line block using site warden protection. The conclusion of the resulting report may be the requirement for an HV competent person to be present during the works.

The Location of the works is in the cess to the West of the single reversible track Metropolitan Line, approximately between 01m40ch CSW to 01m45ch CSW. The Site will be accessed from Red Cross Way via the access steps between the Snowhill Lines and the Metropolitan Line. Outside of the main Week 39 works, a line block of the Metropolitan line will be required to safely access the work area.

Works will commence from 16th December 2019, when the materials will be delivered to Red Cross Way compound. During the main works, the bulk of the materials will be transported to Ewer Street RRAP and transported to the worksite using an RRV.


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