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15 Apr 2020

Thameslink Survey and Investigation Package Awarded to Global Rail Construction Limited

As part of the Thameslink Programme, the railway systems for London Bridge was completely remodelled to suit a new layout at London Bridge station and provide substantial capacity improvements to enable proposed current and future operational timetabling, this is referred to as the N421 Project.

The complexity of managing, staging and delivering the railway systems in order to meet the remodelling programme, has necessitated a requirement for the railway systems infrastructure to be surveyed, in order to confirm its suitability and whether further upgrades and rectifications will be required.

To support these works, Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has been awarded a lineside survey contract by long-term customer BAM Nuttall, to undertake the necessary investigation and reporting of 44No Signal Gantries and their associated containment, which includes but is not limited to the following scope:

  1. Structural condition surveys in relation to original Form A requirement for painting
  2. The condition and positioning of cables on the structures including
    1. The position of cables relative to associated tray work/containment (particularly noting areas where cables have no associated containment)
    2. The type of signal cable (B or C)
    3. An assessment of cable slack (or tension)
    4. Any visible damage to cables
    5. Any serrated edges on tray work/containment that could potentially cause damage to cables
    6. Any structure concerns
    7. Tagging and tracing of cables to ensure end to end point identification
    8. Condition and suitability of the use of cable management to secure cables to containment in contrast to the existing Civils As-Built design

On completion of each survey GRCL will review and discuss the photos and observations with the BAM team at a weekly Technical Interface Meeting and determine one of the following:

  1. An agreed scope of residual works (with no further survey requirements) or,
  2. The requirement for further detailed ‘tag and trace’ surveys

GRCL will produce final survey reports, documenting the findings, associated agreements and will include any recommended remedial works to be undertaken, whereby GRCL can be instructed to complete the remedial scope.

Project Manager Barry Smith, is leading Global Rail Construction Limited’s in-house team of self-delivery experts, who will be covering all disciplines including Civil & Structural Engineering, Signalling and E&P.

Surveys are already underway and there are a number of Signal Gantries already completed, some remedial works instructed and on-going, with further awaiting instruction shortly.

MD Marco Lombardelli added this:

“Delighted to be awarded this multi-disciplinary package of works from our esteemed client BAM. The full suite of internal expertise will be managed and delivered by our in-house staff, something that we are immensely proud of.”

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