Successful Installation of Turnouts in Railton

Global Rail Australia Pty Limited’s Track Construction Division has completed their awarded contract with partner Gradco, for 2No 1 in 10 Turnouts and 200 meters of plain line track installation in Railton, North West Tasmania, on behalf of rail operator Tasrail, in Tasmania.

The team at Global Rail Australia pre-built the 2No turnouts in 4 days prior to a 3-day railway occupation. During the occupation Gradco carried out all formation works in readiness for Global Rail’s installation of the turnouts and track.

Impressively, Global Rail Australia successfully installed all the new points, track and new Racor lever boxes ahead of time in the occupation. Global Rail’s welding teams completed 45 welds during this time, which all passed NDT (non-destructive testing) inspection.

Global Rail Australia Pty Limited has in-house specialist teams that deliver individual track projects for a vast range of clients, providing bespoke solutions to meet their requirements.

Services include:

  • Heavy and light rail construction
  • Turnout construction and installation
  • Track reconditioning
  • Track welding
  • Tie renewal
  • Track formation
  • UTX installation
  • Track maintenance
  • Rail defects
  • Track resource supply

Global Rail Australia also provide a 24/7 emergency response service for all track construction works.

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Ericsson Optus 5G Project Completion

GRA Networks Australia has completed its 5G upgrade at this first eJV site in just 4-weeks. The site is at the corner of a busy metro area, so stakeholder management was key to its success, with the GRA Networks team liaising with the Town Council, Tram company, Power Authority, Crane Operator and Welding and Traffic Management teams respectively each day. A pre-start meeting was held each morning across all stakeholders, to ensure everyone was working safely and collaboratively.

GRA Networks Australia’s project deliverables included:

  • Replacing the existing steelwork frame
  • Installation of new trunk cables
  • New Antenna installation and RRU’s for VHA and Optus
  • A power system upgrade
  • Site integration and test calling

GRA Networks Australia is a multi-disciplined provider offering a comprehensive suite of services including design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of both fixed line and mobile communications networks. As a full service telecommunications contractor, GRA Networks provides a comprehensive range of services from upgrading existing infrastructure, to building new mobile phone towers and other wireless network infrastructure.

Melbourne PTV RAN Refresh – Build Services

GRA Networks Australia is delighted to have been selected as telecoms build partner for the award of a contract for SMR work, to swap out old “end of life” Siemens BTS hardware and install new Nokia Flexiedge BTS hardware within a new Eltek BTS.

There are 109No sites in the program, which will run over the next eight months and the cutovers are limited to a 2-hour window either within ALBF or under occupation of the line. Works include:

  • Site make ready works (installation of New BTS and equipment)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Integration and activation
  • Decommissioning of legacy equipment
  • Site acceptance

GRA Networks Australia has a team of highly skilled telecommunications professionals includes project managers, telecommunications engineers, telecommunications riggers, fibre splicers, electricians and technicians.

The range of services GRA Networks Australia offer includes:

  • 3G, 4G and 5G equipment installation and commissioning
  • IBC and DAS systems installation and commissioning
  • ‘Green Field’ builds
  • Wi-Fi network installation and commissioning
  • Transmission links installation and commissioning
  • Earthing systems installation and testing
  • Fibre and copper networks distribution and transmission networks
  • Tower construction, retrofit, maintenance and inspection
  • Condition surveying and reporting
  • Emergency response
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • Consultancy services

Terang Track Drainage Remediation Works Completed

Global Rail Australia’s Track Construction Division has completed a track occupation on the Warranmbool line for V/Line Corporation, as part of their valued customers rail infrastructure upgrade program. Global Rail Australia has successfully delivered a track drainage remediation – through the installation of a new drainage system adjacent to Terang Station.

In overview, the project involved the construction of 3No new precast concrete culverts, installation of new precast concrete drainage pipe and pits and new slotted drains and construction of open shaped earth drains. Global Rail Australia’s methodology supported the delivery of all the culvert works under the tracks without the need for removal of the track. Upon installation and alignment of the culvert sections, sleepers were then installed and compacted using the excavator tamping head to achieve the line speed.

A more detailed scope of works is as follows:

  • A new RCP drain at Shadforth Street (including pipe, wing, and end walls)
  • A new RCP drain at Simpson Streel Level Crossing (including pit, pipe, wing, and end walls)
  • Installation of new box culverts adjacent to Simpson Street (under track)
  • Installation of new box culverts adjacent to station building (under track)
  • Excavation and removal of existing 225mm HDPE pipe and installation of a new 450mm HDPE slotted pipe
  • Reprofiling of an existing open drain adjacent to the track
  • Installation of new box culverts near the end of the station platform
  • Installation of new head walls to the existing HDPE pipe
  • Formation of a new earth V-Drain adjacent the rail line
  • Removal of spoil

Works were completed during challenging weather conditions and within a narrow occupation period, with heavy wintery conditions and continuous rainy days during the track occupation, hampering Global’s team of track experts at every opportunity.

High levels of management were therefore key, with Global Rail Australia able to call upon its multiple experienced supervisors and track engineer to plan and deliver the works and ensure the project was executed within its 12-day occupation. The project was also resourced heavily, with Global Rail Australia needing to assemble three large crews, each crew having a supervisor, with multiple labourer’s, plant operators, excavators, dumpers, small plant, and tools.

All works were satisfactorily completed in a live operational environment with no reports or incidents raised.

Global Rail Australia is delighted to have V/Line as one of its valued rail clients, is pleased to have completed this important project and look forward to more collaborative success in the future.

MTM Broadmeadows Station Refurbishment

Global Rail Australia has completed a railway civils project to refurbish the waiting area at Broadmeadows Train Station – on the Craigieburn line in Victoria – which is managed by rail operator Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM). Global Rail Australia were contracted by valued client – MTM – to remove the existing tiles, remove existing seating, prepare, and paint the walls, install new tiling, install new seating, and install new wire mesh fencing. Most of the work was completed at night with no trains running on an ALBF (after last before first) basis, in order to minimise the disruption and impact to rail passengers and MTM staff. The full scope of works included:

    • Removal and disposal of the existing tiles
    • Removal and disposal of the existing station seating
    • Preparation works to the walls
    • Repainting the walls
    • New tiling to the Waiting Area
    • Installation of new seating
    • Installation of new wire mesh fencing adjacent to the Waiting Area

The team at Global Rail Australia provided a detailed staging program and procurement plan for MTM, which were the keys to the success of the project. This resulted in no reports being raised by the public or client and furthermore, no industrial relations being encountered. By providing the necessary pre-planning and project management expertise to succeed on this project, Global Rail Australia delivered it in a timely manner, with no incidents or safety concerns.

Global Rail Construction secures HS2 route works contract

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has secured a rail contract on behalf of HS2 Principal Contractor Skanska. The main contract for Network Rail will replace the existing SAS 13 Bridge in Birmingham, which will facilitate an increased lateral clearance below the structure to enable the construction of HS2’s new up, down and depot access lines. Additionally, the new structure will allow for a road access to a new train depot and maintenance facility used by HS2.

Global Rail Construction Limited’s contract covers the removal, installation, testing and commissioning of the Cable Route Management System (CRMS) and High Voltage (HV) cabling to allow for cable diversions to enable the bridge jacking to proceed. The contract for the High Voltage Route and Cable Installation works will need to be completed well in advance of the May 2022 blockade.

The full scope of works covers:

High Voltage Cable Route

  • Supply and Installation of Track Side Elevated GRP Trough Route – Circa 260m
  • Direct Buried Route (Ground is a haul road of Stone and Geogrid) including excavation and subsequent backfilling – Circa 50m
  • Supply and Installation of Cable Rack through Confined Space Culvert – Circa 50m
  • Direct Buried Route (ground is a 100mm reinforced concrete slab in a licenced asbestos area) including excavation and subsequent backfilling – Circa 45m
  • Supply and Installation of Ground Laid GRP Trough Route – Circa 140m
  • Coring through the River Rea Culvert headwall

HV Cable Installation

  • Hauling and installation of approximately 1600m of single core cable 120mm2 copper XLPE insulated with 83mm2 screen, MDPE, graphite – including 2No HV Joints
  • Hauling and installation of approximately 1600m of 19/4.22 aluminium red PVC insulated cable – including 2No HV joints
  • Testing and proving of installed cables

GRCL will provide adequate management and supervision to deliver this contract. Resources will be controlled to maximise collaboration with Skanska’s team, and achieve agreed outcomes in terms of quality, health, safety, and environmental performance. GRCL’s team will also provide daily input to support co-ordination meetings and deliver any necessary technical and programming information along with any other assistance to ensure the full integration of the work of all parties involved.

A Warm GRCL Welcome to Kevin Wilson

Our UK business – Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) – is pleased to announce that Kevin Wilson will be joining its rail project operations. Kevin joins the GRCL business as a Project Manager and will be responsible for overseeing several large, multi-disciplinary rail projects.

With over two decades of experience delivering high profile rail projects across Signalling, E&P and civil, Kevin has been responsible for delivery of individual commissioning’s, complex programmes, and contract management in terms of quality, programme, resourcing, change, safety, and functionality.

Kevin is an excellent addition to the UK team in Hatfield, as the business continues to develop its rail capabilities and service offering. Everyone at GRCL is really looking forward to working with Kevin and supporting him in his new role.

ISO 45001 Recertification Success for GRCL

We are pleased that following a successful audit, we have been recertificated for ISO 45001: 2018. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the audit was converted into a remote audit, which went well and could also be recommended for future audits. The audit also covered our Principal Contractor SSIP assessment. Thank you to our Auditors for their cooperation and our Compliance team for their support during the audit.

An Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Management System promotes a healthy working environment by providing a framework to identify, control and manage OHS risks and opportunities.

Adopting and implementing an effective OHS Management System addresses legal, ethical, and industrial relations concerns regarding worker safety and our duty of care as an employer.

Implementing an OHS Management System reduces workplace injuries and minimises the associated costs. ISO 45001:2018 also shares common management systems principles with our other accreditations and systems covering ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

Sunningdale Level Crossing Renewal Contract Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has been awarded a multi-disciplinary contract on behalf of Atkins for the civil and S&T installation works for a new level crossing at Sunningdale, which falls within Feltham Resignalling Phase 2.

The overall Feltham Resignalling Project covers the renewal of all signalling assets. Its area is covered by seven scheme plans, with delivery broken down into six separate Phases that align approximately to the Signalling Scheme Plan boundaries, Feltham ASC Signallers panels and Wokingham Signal Box.

Within the early advanced scope of Phase 2 is Sunningdale MCB-CCTV, which is subject to a full level crossing renewal and is due to be completed in early November 2021. The scope encompasses life extension works with addition of barrier repositioning and narrowing of carriageway.

GRCL’s awarded summary of works for this level crossing renewal includes the full civil engineering scope and trackside signalling equipment installation works, which will be delivered in-house and covers the following:

  • Barrier and Red Man Standing Signal Bases and associated route/cable entries
  • Marshalling Box bases and associated route/cable entries
  • Earth Mat installation
  • Turning Chamber
  • Highway Works – Carriageway, Footway & Footpath Works
  • RTL bases with NAL sockets and associated route/cable entries
  • Installation of route/cable entries
  • Existing Barrier Base modifications
  • Lighting Control Unit Bases
  • Hardstanding Areas
  • Removal of existing fencing/gates
  • Installation of new fencing/gates
  • Sign Bases

GRCL will deliver and constructed these works, where possible, in fenced or Site Warden protected areas. However, there will be requirements for certain areas to be constructed during possessions/line blocks.

This level crossing renewal involves several stakeholders including Atkins, Network Rail, and other contracted parties. GRCL will look to work collaboratively with all concerned and use all reasonable endeavours to coordinate and make necessary allowance for working alongside others to deliver this level crossing renewal in accordance with the overall project programme.

GRCL appoints a Head of Design & Engineering

The Global Infrastructure Group of brands are pleased to welcome a Head of Design and Engineering to our UK family. Chartered Engineer Ponnampalam Linkeshwaran will lead Global Rail Construction Limited’s Design & Engineering team with their expanding project portfolio and the company’s growing pipeline of opportunities both as a design and build contractor and as a standalone designer supporting clients through the project lifecycle.

With 27 year of career spanning railways, structures, power networks and highways Ponnampalam embraces the industry ethics of high safety and quality of work standards.

With his UK Global Rail Construction team currently focused on the rail industry, he will be supporting key customers in Network Rail and TfL – where the business acts as a Principal Contractor – and also sub-contract works that are undertaken with a number of Tier 1 partners. Currently, design input is required on a vast range of schemes including Cambridge Area Re-Signalling Grip 4, Ely to Peterborough Grip 4 and Feltham Resignalling Phases 3&4.

Prior to joining Global Rail Construction Limited, Ponnampalam held Principal Design and Engineering roles at some of the largest design consultancy’s – including Amey and Jacobs – and is strategic thinker who will enhance the capability of the UK business to seek out and secure the most suitable opportunities.

GRCL look forward to Ponnampalam’s wisdom and teaching to develop its growing design team, his support in developing and enhancing constructability and his valued input into other areas of the business including Compliance, Health, Safety and Environmental and CSR.