Global Rail Australia Awarded Significant Construction Project for Development Victoria

Global Rail Australia has commenced a significant civils and structures contract with Development Victoria to upgrade pedestrian access between Spencer and Flinders Street in Docklands, Melbourne. The Rail Undercroft site had been closed off to the public during construction of Lend Lease’s Melbourne Quarter, and includes approximately 1000sq.m of land underneath the rail viaduct between Spencer and Flinders Street, Docklands. It will reopen as part of the upgrade works in early 2021, creating a pedestrian thoroughfare connecting the corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street to Lendlease’s Melbourne Quarter Plaza.

Global Rail Australia’s pedestrian upgrade works include:

  • Removal of the existing hoarding and surface finishes
  • Bulk excavation of existing ramp
  • New drainage and lighting
  • New bluestone pavers and access ramp
  • New landscaping and handrail
  • Associated electrical works

All works are executed during live rail operations above the work location under supervision. Demarcation of the site has been undertaken and will be maintained throughout the works between the Melbourne Quarter apartments and Spencer Street. A Traffic Management Plan was completed which includes a 3-month lane closure and hard barriers along Flinders Street to maintain safe pedestrian access.

Global Rail Australia’s staging program, procedures and procurement plan will play an important part in the success of this project.

Throughout the works, Global Rail Australia’s project team will work in close co-operation with Development Victoria and other key stakeholders to ensure a cohesive and timely delivered project.

The site team are also pro-actively contributing to the discussions on management of COVID-19 and works are proceeding with all necessary measures in place

Please see following link to Development Victoria’s media release for additional background:


Relocation of a workshop, storage and welfare facilities at M3 Parkway Station, Dumboyne

Global Rail Services Limited were commissioned to deliver a project to provide for the relocation of the Connolly West Signalling, Electrical & Telecoms (SE&T) department from their existing compound at Connolly Station.

The M3 Parkway Station was identified for the relocation and involved the remodelling of the existing station building at M3 Parkway into maintenance offices for the SE&T Signalling West Department.

The works constituted the refurbishment of the existing station into offices and the construction of 2 no. new storage facilities, one structural steel and one blockwork.

Works also included the renovation of the existing building, removing the old rooflight of the station and installing a new roof covering. The scope also covered the installation and commissioning of a new electrical installation.

The works have been carried out in a manner to cause minimal impact to the safe working of the area and the public in general and with no interference with the operational railway line.

All work has been planned and co-ordinated to cause a minimum disruption to the public as possible for the duration of the works. The site has been fenced off and secured in accordance with both the works and the health and safety requirements. All deliveries were scheduled, and logistics management provided throughout. The implementation of traffic management was continually monitored, reviewed and adjusted as works proceeded.

Global Rail Construction Limited Secure Feltham Resignalling Phases 3 & 4

Our UK team are delighted to announce their award as Principal Contractor for the design and construction of the Advanced Civil Engineering works for Phases 3 & 4 of the Feltham Resignalling Project – having submitted a most detailed and comprehensive offer to do so.

Global Rail Construction Limited will deliver the full GRIP 5-8 design and construct contract, which covers civil and structural engineering works on Network Rail’s Wessex Route.

Managing Director of Global Rail Construction Limited, Marco Lombardelli, was quick to praise his team:

“This is the culmination of a fantastic team effort. We are delighted to be back at Feltham, supporting our partner Network Rail to deliver first-class design and build solutions that put the passenger first.”

The Feltham Re-signalling project forms part of the Signalling Renewals/National Operating Strategy (NOS) scheme, which is intending to renew the life-expired signalling infrastructure in Feltham and Wokingham areas to the modern equivalent form.  The total scheme covers the renewal of 538 Signalling Equivalent Units (SEUs) and the full geographical work-scope covers in excess of eightly miles of railway lines.

Global Rail Construction Limited is part of the worldwide Global Infrastructure Group and is a leading UK provider of design and build services to clients in the rail and transportation sector. The company is a Principal Contractor for UK mainline and metro railways across a number of disciplines, which include signalling, mechanical, electrical and power (MEP), telecoms, civil and structural engineering, maintenance and renewal – providing fully tested and commissioned services on both Network Rail and Transport for London controlled infrastructure.

You can read more by clicking here.

Installation of 2No Single MV Circuits over 5.3km – Drybridge to Drogheda

Global Rail Services Limited (GRSL) has completed a significant and complex civil engineering project from Drybridge to Drogheda Town Centre, in Co. Lough, on behalf of long-term client ESB Networks.

In their capacity as PSCS for the project, GRSL supplied a secure yard/compound and were responsible for liaison with ESB, Louth County Council and all affected residents and business owners.

Providing a fully managed service including QSE representation for the project duration, the work scope covered the excavation, ducting, backfilling and reinstatement of trenches, including crossing a stream. GRSL also connected two existing ducts that were under the M1 motorway, laid ducts over/under existing services and culverts and installed a 400mm2 XLPE power cable prior to completion of all road and pavement restoration works.

Significant amounts of hand excavation assisted by a vacuum excavator – to help protect existing services – was also undertaken, which were very deep in a number of locations. GRSL were responsible for the design and construction of all temporary works.

Full Traffic Management was provided throughout, which covered 8 different road opening licences and 21 separate traffic management plans.

The project was a necessity for the town of Drogheda; supporting power capacity upgrades to enable future development.

Global Rail Services Limited Project Manager, John Casey added:

“Well done to all concerned for a successful project and with special thanks to supply chain partner Córas Pipeline Services Ltd.”

Repairs to Berth 3 Linkspan Bridge at Rosslare Harbour

Irish Rail, on behalf of Rosslare Harbour, has awarded Global Rail Services Limited (GRSL) a contract to repair damage to the Berth 3 linkspan, which caters for the Stena Horizon and Europe ships.

The existing damaged structural steel elements are being replaced in a like for like manner. GRSL have been tasked with the fabrication of steel to an Execution level 3 (EXC3) for the linkspan with an estimated overall tonnage of 10 tonnes.

GRSL have provided a bespoke temporary working platform fixed to the underside of the linkspan structure for safe access to the front face of the linkspan, aided by the deployment of an MSO (Marine Survey Office) licenced safety boat with P4 certification and a competent trained skipper. The temporary platform was designed to be submerged into the sea when contract works are not taking place, so that the linkspan can remain operational for ships to use.

Works are being carefully managed and sequenced to allow ferries to operate normally, while the remedial works are being carried out and due for completion later this year.

Cambridge Re-signalling GRIP4 Survey Contract Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) are delighted to announce the award of a new rail contract for long-term client Alstom, for GRIP4 ECI survey works on the Cambridge Inner and Outer Re-Signalling & Re-Control Project.

The overall project aim is to improve the reliability and performance of the signalling system in the Cambridge interlocking area. As part of the project, the existing assets are to be surveyed and their continued use validated. Geographically the project covers roughly the track on the approaches to a triangle between Cambridge, Ely and Bury St Edmonds.

In summary, GRCL’s survey works include the following items:

  • Surveying, rodding and roping 42No Under Track Crossings & provide condition and capacity report
  • Surveying, rodding and roping 33No Under Road Crossings & provide condition and capacity report
  • Surveying existing S&T Troughing & providing a condition and capacity report (inc. vegetation management where necessary), where proposed new feeder cables are to be installed – approx. 100km
  • Conducting Ground Investigation and providing condition reports at Signal locations, Level Crossings, Station Platforms, PSP and REB sites
  • Trial Hole Pits at each new UTX or URX Chamber location
  • Conducting Load Monitoring and providing condition reports
  • Topographical surveys
  • Conducting Ground Penetrating Radar surveys
  • Conducting Lighting Lux Level surveys
  • Conducting GPR surveys
  • Conducting gauging surveys
  • Undertaking soakage tests and slit trench surveys

Works will be carefully co-ordinated and delivered during Rules of the Route published possessions/line blockages and isolations with safety critical support, during both midweek and weekend days/nights. Additionally, there are a number of longer, disruptive possessions with isolations to be utilised.

There are many risks associated with working on the rail infrastructure. GRCL’s in-house project management team will be responsible for the delivery of this package of works and will seek to carry out a full assessment of the risks in order to feed into the overall design process.

GRCL’s approach is to think about health and safety in terms of buildability, maintainability and usability at all stages of the design process, so it becomes a natural part of the design. At each stage, GRCL’s delivery team will identify and eliminate hazards. They aim to maintain close communication with key project stakeholders, to support the reduction of the risks that may arise during construction work, which will enable the plan to be kept on track without exception.


Global Rail Services Completes Arklow Emergency Bridge Repair

Following a road traffic collision (RTC) in the early hours of 17/07/2020, where the granite wall of Overbridge 254 was knocked down onto the track below following an impact from a van that struck the wall, Global Rail Services Limited were tasked, by Irish Rail, with removing the debris from the track and repairing the wall.

Global Rail Services’ emergency response unit, swiftly mobilised to site to secure the works area, which was hazardous with a high and open edge over the track, installing traffic management on the road leading to and from the bridge to prevent further incidents.  With close collaboration and following an inspection of the wall with Irish Rail’s Structural Engineer and the Local Authority Engineer, it was decided that the wall would need to be immediately repaired and the road surface would need to be cut and excavated to allow the wall to be reconstructed to its original position.

With the Local Authority Engineer granting an immediate 10-day window for the road to be reduced to one lane, the affected area of track was then closed off and removed from use, to prevent trains from entering where loose masonry had the potential to fall and strike a train.

Global Rail Services engaged their established supply chain partner – stonemason Rock Road Stone Company Ltd –  to strip down and rebuild the lime mortar granite wall.  A Global Rail Services civils team and a responsible Project Manager were also mobilised to both carry out the excavation and assist with the safe execution, co-ordination and management of the works.  The works could only be carried out under TIII absolute possession, the hours of possession were 8pm to 5am.

Global Rail Services full scope of works for the emergency repair included:

  • Setting up and maintenance of traffic and pedestrian management
  • Removal of masonry from the track
  • Fencing off the track
  • Supply a boom lift MEWP for access to the track face wall
  • Supply tower lighting to illuminate the road and track
  • Stripping down the existing in situ damaged wall
  • Excavating the road surface adjacent to the wall
  • Rebuilding the lime mortar wall reusing the existing granite cut sections
  • Painting the wall with a black reflective paint
  • Installing chevron signage along the full length of the bridge wall
  • Reinstating the road surface to Local Authority and Purple Book specification

Despite being given a 10 day window, the team rebuilt the wall over the course of 3 nights and then completed the painting, chevron sign installation and road reinstatement over the following 4 days by the 23/07/2020, thereby completing the works 4 days ahead of schedule.

Irish Rail’s Regional Manager for the area commented about his satisfaction with the completed works, saying: “we should have asked you to repair the rest of the wall, because the repaired wall looks better than the rest of it”. This demonstrates the quality of the work carried out by the entire Global Rail Services team.

Global Rail Services Completes Unique Project for Rosslare’s Europort – Replacement and Extension of the Berth 1 Linkspan Transition Ramp

Global Rail Services Limited (GRSL) are pleased to confirm that the first passengers were able to use the newly constructed Linkspan Bridge on 3rd July 2020, just 4 weeks after it was taken out of commission, following the successful completion of their contract for the complex replacement of the Berth 1 Linkspan upper deck transition ramp for Irish Rail. Although the works are contracted by Irish Rail, because the location was inside Rosslare Harbour, GRSL were working under the daily jurisdiction of Rosslare Europort.

The works to the upper tier, which were conducted to a demanding berthing schedule, where the lower tier had to remain operational, to enable ferries to operate normally. Activities were planned around a live working International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS), and specifically comprised the removal of the existing and installation of a new transition ramp at Berth 1, on the Upper Tiered Linkspan, to accommodate the new WB Yeats Ferry.

GRSL’s contract, which commenced on 4th June 2020, provided for the following civil works:

  • Prefabrication and delivery of the new ramp, torsion beam, fingers and handrails;
  • The removal of existing transitional ramp, torsion beam, hydraulic arms, and mid bearings;
  • Installation of the new ramp on site;
  • Commissioning and testing of the new transitional ramp;

Following completion of this contract, GRSL have increased the previous linkspan by 1.6m and in doing so, installed nearly 40 tonnes of heavy structural steel section to an Execution Level of 3 (EXC3) standard.

During the project a number of challenges were encountered and expertly met by GRSL’s team of structural, civil and project managers, whilst still maintaining program, these included:

  • The structural steel was required to be at an Execution Level of 3 (bridge standard), which required ultrasonic testing of the welds and third-party inspections;
  • Conducting the works in a restricted access facility and by its very nature a live port and marine environment;
  • Delivering a project which was effectively a moving bridge, that actually connects to the back of a boat when moored and with vehicles traversing between;
  • The work was at the water’s edge;
  • Project and site requirements for both the client (Irish Rail) and at the harbour for Rosslare Europort;
  • Due to Covid-19, structural steel deliveries were challenging, which meant GRSL had to send lorries to the UK to collect the steel;
  • All connections and bolts on the existing bridge were welded, so the elements had to be cut out as they could not be unbolted;
  • On removal of the existing torsion beam, the bearings were unserviceable on first inspection and had to be replaced at short notice;
  • The as-built drawings were incorrect, which meant adaptations to design after site investigations, internal strengthening of the torsion beam, alternate lifting points and alterations to the actuator arms.

GRSL Contracts Manager Paul Connell, was closely involved and added:

“This complex, fast-track project has been successfully completed within the allocated shut down. We have worked closely with our sub-contractor JA Engineering, Irish Rail & Rosslare Harbour to deliver these works.

“Despite the unforeseen challenges faced, particularly in the current climate, the works have been completed to the delight of the customer – Irish Rail – and the end user Rosslare Europort. I take my hat off to all those involved in successfully executing a very bespoke project.”


Ely to Peterborough – GRIP 4 Design Civils and E&P Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has been awarded a contract to deliver the Ely to Peterborough Design for both E&P and Civils (GRIP 4) on behalf of our client Atkins Global. The Civils design covers the review of GRIP 3 designs, surveys and Form 001. E&P Design includes surveys, load monitoring and cable calculations, Form A’s for several Level Crossings and power supply schematics.

The Ely to Peterborough scheme is aimed at increasing safety at a number of Level Crossings and increasing the remaining life of the Signalling assets in a number of interlocking areas.

The interlocking areas covered by this project are Downham Market, Kings Dyke, Kings Lynn Junction, Littleport, Magdalen Road, Manea, March East Junction, March South Junction, Stonea and Three Horse Shoes. The Level Crossings to be renewed in this project are Littleport MGH, Magdalen Road MCB, Manea MCB, March East MCB, March South MCB, Whittlesea MGH and Hargham AHB.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce including design, civil and structural engineering and E&P expertise, along with in-house project management and having previously delivered time-pressurised, highly co-ordinated schemes, allowed Global Rail Construction Limited to provide the necessary solution in order to complete the works to meet the client’s requirements.

Global Rail Australia Complete Track Upgrade for Yarra Trams

Global Rail Australia has undertaken a project to remove and replace worn rail on curves on ballasted track at Queensway St Kilda and we are pleased to confirm that all works have been successfully accomplished within the rail occupation, provided by Yarra Trams, with no technical issues. The project was complicated by remote working; however, this was managed through a meticulously safe approach and a management presence throughout the works.

Works included rerailing both the Up Track and Down track curves, which covered the following managed scope:

  • Unclipping rail
  • Replacing worn rail with new 41Kg rail
  • Welding and restressing
  • Weld testing

All works were completed utilising in-house resources, supervision and plant over a single weekend and supported by a staging program and procurement plan, which were key to the success of the project. We are pleased to say that no reports or incidents were raised by the public or client.