Ely to Peterborough – GRIP 4 Design Civils and E&P Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has been awarded a contract to deliver the Ely to Peterborough Design for both E&P and Civils (GRIP 4) on behalf of our client Atkins Global. The Civils design covers the review of GRIP 3 designs, surveys and Form 001. E&P Design includes surveys, load monitoring and cable calculations, Form A’s for several Level Crossings and power supply schematics.

The Ely to Peterborough scheme is aimed at increasing safety at a number of Level Crossings and increasing the remaining life of the Signalling assets in a number of interlocking areas.

The interlocking areas covered by this project are Downham Market, Kings Dyke, Kings Lynn Junction, Littleport, Magdalen Road, Manea, March East Junction, March South Junction, Stonea and Three Horse Shoes. The Level Crossings to be renewed in this project are Littleport MGH, Magdalen Road MCB, Manea MCB, March East MCB, March South MCB, Whittlesea MGH and Hargham AHB.

Having a multi-disciplinary workforce including design, civil and structural engineering and E&P expertise, along with in-house project management and having previously delivered time-pressurised, highly co-ordinated schemes, allowed Global Rail Construction Limited to provide the necessary solution in order to complete the works to meet the client’s requirements.


Global Rail Australia Complete Track Upgrade for Yarra Trams

Global Rail Australia has undertaken a project to remove and replace worn rail on curves on ballasted track at Queensway St Kilda and we are pleased to confirm that all works have been successfully accomplished within the rail occupation, provided by Yarra Trams, with no technical issues. The project was complicated by remote working; however, this was managed through a meticulously safe approach and a management presence throughout the works.

Works included rerailing both the Up Track and Down track curves, which covered the following managed scope:

  • Unclipping rail
  • Replacing worn rail with new 41Kg rail
  • Welding and restressing
  • Weld testing

All works were completed utilising in-house resources, supervision and plant over a single weekend and supported by a staging program and procurement plan, which were key to the success of the project. We are pleased to say that no reports or incidents were raised by the public or client.

ARTC Culvert Lining Completion, New Port, Serviceton

Global Rail Australia has successfully completed a project for Australian Rail Track Corporation for the removal of mud from steel culverts and providing a new bottom concrete layer using the shotcrete process.

The scope covered culvert lining for 24 culverts at 7 different locations in the Geelong and Ararat regions of Victoria. The following activities were undertaken by Global Rail Australia in a live operational railway environment:

  • Culvert cleaning
  • Sand blasting
  • Painting
  • Installation of steel mesh
  • Concreting works

All activities were fully coordinated with the client and delivered on time and to budget, aided by a fully sequenced, detailed program and Global Rail’s supervisory team. We are delighted to say that the works were completed to meet the client’s satisfaction.

Thameslink Points Heating Success – Design and Installation Works

Global Rail Construction Limited has secured a Points Heating remedial contract with BAM on the Thameslink Project. The E&P design and build package of works, forms part of a requirement to upgrade and rectify the railway systems infrastructure to support the capacity improvements recently made in the London Bridge area.

The 26-week programme, includes an 8-week procurement period in order to secure all necessary RCM equipment and parts for the project and covers the following activities:

  • Preparatory investigation and surveying including:
    • A detailed review of as-built records
    • Reviewing and assessing of current designs
    • Correlation of the RCM installation
  • Design works which covers:
    • Collation of survey data to determine the scope
    • Civils design
    • E&P design
  • Installation works:
    • Civil Engineering works
      • Installation of TX Bases
    • Electrical works
      • Cabling, Jointing and termination works
    • PHCC/RCM Remedial works and commissioning
      • Removal and replacement of CT boards
      • Mechanical fixing and installation of new CT’s
      • Installation of new Aerials
      • Installation of new circuitry (MCB’s, CT’s, Terminals, Labels)
      • Installation of DCU 390 PH – Data Loggers
      • Environmental testing (Hot & Cold Probes)
    • Commissioning, configuration checking and final testing
  • The provision of as-built information including O&M data

The 6-week design and survey period commenced this month, with the remainder of the contract works being completed by late September 2020. Installation works will be undertaken during a standard 5-day working week and activities will be worked concurrently in order to meet the required project milestones.

Mechanical & electrical services provided by Global Rail Construction are constantly upgraded through training and development and are consistently delivered to the highest specification.

Design and project management of these specialist services are deployed on projects such as sub-station refurbishment and new build, station refurbishment and new build, signalling equipment room fit-outs, station platforms and car park lighting.

Ericsson 5G Upgrade Projects Success for GRA Networks

GRA Networks has been awarded a framework agreement with Ericsson to install 5G Technology on both Optus and Telstra Networks, including the upgrade of existing communication towers to support the new 5G technology.

GRA Networks scope covers the upgrade of headframes to accommodate extra equipment inclusive of new fibre trunk cables and also internal power upgrades.

Specific project deliverables include:

  • Removal and installation of new headframes
  • New RRUs
  • Installation of trunk cables, internal DC and patching equipment
  • New baseband units for 5G
  • New iDCDP for RRU power
  • Power system unit upgrades
  • Site integration and test calling

GRA Networks are delighted to be delivering this framework for Ericsson as an approved supplier and look forward to being able to develop this relationship over the next few years.

Geelong Culvert Replacement Completed by Global Rail Australia

Global Rail Australia Pty Ltd has completed the complex removal of an existing brick culvert and replaced it with precast box culverts sections, including new precast head walls and handrailing in Geelong, Victoria. Works were undertaken on behalf of client V/Line during a rail occupation.

Global Rail Australia’s multi-disciplinary teams provided an integrated method of construction to minimize the disruption to current operations. This involved its civils and track teams working in harmony in order to remove the track infrastructure, to create the necessary access and space, to crane into position the new precast base slabs, culvert and head wall units. Specifically, works included:

  • Removal of the track and sleepers
  • Demolition of the existing brick culvert
  • Excavate to formation level
  • Installation of base slabs
  • Installation of box culverts
  • Construction of head walls and handrails
  • Backfilling as per design
  • Reinstatement of the track infrastructure

The project was under the control of Global Rail Australia’s civil and track engineering and supervisory teams, with works commencing in March 2020 and successfully concluding two weeks later, to meet V/Line’s required occupation.


Global Rail Australia’s Track Division Completes 2000m Track Renovation Project for V/Line

Global Rail Australia has successfully completed a significant track project for customer V/Line by removing mud spots on the Craigieburn – Kilmore East regional line. The works were in a remote area and were completed in a live operational environment, under the full supervision of the Global Rail Australia Track Engineering team.

The comprehensive scope of works to the Up Line included the following track deliverables:

  • unclipping existing sleepers
  • timber sleeper replacements
  • mud spots removals
  • laying of new ballast
  • installation of new LPC sleepers
  • formation of the access track

In support of the scope, Global Rail Australia’s team created a detailed staging program and procurement plan, which were instrumental in supporting project delivery, which were also fully coordinated with activities from V/Line.

Alternative methodologies were also created by Global Rail Australia to minimize the disruption to live operations, allowing potential for delays to be eradicated by mobilizing additional crews to finish the tasks.

Works were undertaken without any incidents, accidents or technical issues and having commenced in March 2020 were successfully completed in 12 days – meeting the occupation requirements of V/Line.

Richard Needham, Global Rail Australia’s Track Division Manager added:

“This successful, fast-track project included a very well-planned program of track construction activities, which were expertly delivered, and is testament to the resilience and capabilities of the Track Construction team.”

Thameslink Survey and Investigation Package Awarded to Global Rail Construction Limited

As part of the Thameslink Programme, the railway systems for London Bridge was completely remodelled to suit a new layout at London Bridge station and provide substantial capacity improvements to enable proposed current and future operational timetabling, this is referred to as the N421 Project.

The complexity of managing, staging and delivering the railway systems in order to meet the remodelling programme, has necessitated a requirement for the railway systems infrastructure to be surveyed, in order to confirm its suitability and whether further upgrades and rectifications will be required.

To support these works, Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has been awarded a lineside survey contract by long-term customer BAM Nuttall, to undertake the necessary investigation and reporting of 44No Signal Gantries and their associated containment, which includes but is not limited to the following scope:

  1. Structural condition surveys in relation to original Form A requirement for painting
  2. The condition and positioning of cables on the structures including
    1. The position of cables relative to associated tray work/containment (particularly noting areas where cables have no associated containment)
    2. The type of signal cable (B or C)
    3. An assessment of cable slack (or tension)
    4. Any visible damage to cables
    5. Any serrated edges on tray work/containment that could potentially cause damage to cables
    6. Any structure concerns
    7. Tagging and tracing of cables to ensure end to end point identification
    8. Condition and suitability of the use of cable management to secure cables to containment in contrast to the existing Civils As-Built design

On completion of each survey GRCL will review and discuss the photos and observations with the BAM team at a weekly Technical Interface Meeting and determine one of the following:

  1. An agreed scope of residual works (with no further survey requirements) or,
  2. The requirement for further detailed ‘tag and trace’ surveys

GRCL will produce final survey reports, documenting the findings, associated agreements and will include any recommended remedial works to be undertaken, whereby GRCL can be instructed to complete the remedial scope.

Project Manager Barry Smith, is leading Global Rail Construction Limited’s in-house team of self-delivery experts, who will be covering all disciplines including Civil & Structural Engineering, Signalling and E&P.

Surveys are already underway and there are a number of Signal Gantries already completed, some remedial works instructed and on-going, with further awaiting instruction shortly.

MD Marco Lombardelli added this:

“Delighted to be awarded this multi-disciplinary package of works from our esteemed client BAM. The full suite of internal expertise will be managed and delivered by our in-house staff, something that we are immensely proud of.”

Clacton Re-signalling Railway Civils Award

Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL), has been awarded a railway civil engineering design and build programme of works on behalf of Atkins Global. Clacton Re-signalling’s principal driver is the asset condition of the interlocking and associated track infrastructure at the throat of Clacton-On-Sea station.

Much of the signalling in the area dates back to 1958 and utilises a lever frame dating from 1891. There is currently a mixture of semaphore and colour-light signals, controlled by a mechanical/electro- mechanical lever frame. There is also a mechanical ground frame at Clacton Station. The existing signalling equipment has been the subject of life extension works in 1996 and 2004.

Many components are obsolete and only available on a repair and return basis. Most of the existing location cases have considerable corrosion. The signalling uses some single-cut circuits which are the subject of ORR concern. Searchlight signals are installed on this line, with known Wrong Side Failure (WSF) modes. P-Style relays in the lower portion of the box have been recognised as susceptible to sliver migration. So these works, will look to minimise maintenance and reduce whole life costs.

GRCL’s civil engineering contract covers the provision of a full site-setup, all necessary management and supervision, materials, plant and delivery to the point of construction. The scope consists of the following elements:

  • Vegetation clearance
  • Design and Build of 1No Location Staging Platform
  • Design and Build of 11No Signal Foundations (mixture of concrete and piled solutions)
  • The installation of other ancillary railway civils including location hardstanding’s, RRAP’s, cable routes and a Relocatable Equipment Building foundation base and associated works (Design by Atkins)
  • Site Clearance and Waste Recovery throughout construction and upon completion

Managing Director, Marco Lombardelli added:

“This is a fantastic award for the UK team.

“Utilising our railway design and construction capabilities in civil and structural engineering, we look forward to the successful completion of these important works, in order to upgrade the signalling systems in the Clacton-on-Sea area.

“This is another collaboration with our partner Atkins Global, and we look forward to many more.”

GRCL awarded CP6 Design Framework

We are pleased to announce that Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL), has been successful with its tender for the Designer Tier 2 Framework Agreement with BAM.

The design team provided a compelling offer, evidencing the following:

  • How safe design and specifying has been previously achieved on its projects;
  • The organisation’s in-house design and railway engineering capacity;
  • How engineering assurance has been applied to previous projects;
  • How digital approaches are integrated into its work;

GRCL also provided some initiatives in relation to provisions for diversity and inclusion across the business and some working examples of how inclusivity has made a difference.

The contract will extend throughout Network Rail’s Control Period 6 (CP6), covering BAM’s Southern Multi-Disciplinary (SMD) Framework and GRCL will be providing Design services on a call off basis for a five-year period.

Delighted GRCL Design Manager, Richard Horsted added:

“This is great news and testament to the efforts of the entire team. We have made impressive strides with our design and consultancy development recently, and this latest success is reward for the fruits of our labour.”

Our design and consultancy division constantly adapt to new technology and innovation.

State-of-the-art 3D CAD systems are used to assist with analysis and design, providing significant advantages for clients by lowering project costs and reducing programmes timescales.

Our in-house activities include:

  • Civil engineering and structural design
  • Mechanical, electrical and power design
  • Telecoms design
  • CAD drafting and design including 3D modelling
  • Independent design reviews