Successful commissioning of Feltham to Wokingham Phases 3&4

Following 18 months of efficient planning and effective delivery, Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) has supported client and Principal Contractor Atkins, with the successful commissioning of Feltham to Wokingham Phases 3&4. The sheer scale of this achievement can be seen in the blockade numbers: GRCL deployed 64No RRV’s, 32No MEWP’s and 24No Scrap Train Shifts. In total 1,356 staff supported the blockade across 17 miles of track, downloads from step counters were in the region of 12-14 kilometres per day – an incredible effort!!

GRCL’s significant rail systems sub-contract, encompassed Civil and Structural Engineering including temporary works, E&P, Telecoms and Signalling installation works on Network Rail’s Wessex Route – part of their Southern Region. All existing lineside signalling infrastructure has been replaced with new equipment including all cabling, Location Case suites, Signal Structures. AWS and TPWS, and existing AC track circuit train detection replaced by the Frauscher Advanced Counter (FAdC) Axle Counter system. A total of 7No controlled Level Crossings have been renewed to interface with the new ElectroLogIXS lineside equipment with the decommissioning and replacement of the booms, barrier machines, road traffic lights (RTLs), and changing from incandescent bulbs to white light LEDs. This included all road re-surfacing works including yellow and white lining. Our pre-commissioning works enabled our teams to cover multiple sites over the two-week blockade closure of some the busiest lines in the region, including the full telecoms Installation works resulting in a total of 88 SPT’s and 12 Substation phones entered in service.

Our GRCL team has consistently demonstrated a collaborative approach throughout this sizeable multi-disciplinary project. Led by Project Manager Barry Smith, the entire workforce including our supply chain partners, deserve huge praise for the impressive result, resulting in timely culmination and successful commissioning of these newly signalled areas.

Donal Kelly promoted to Senior MEP Manager for Global Rail Services in Ireland

Our Dublin based Global Rail Services Ltd team is delighted to announce the promotion of Donal Kelly to Senior MEP Manager.

The promotion is validation of the expertise and dedication Donal has provided over the last 10 years – support that has been instrumental in the success across the rail, mechanical and electrical operations in Ireland.

His role going forward will involve project tendering, project team organisation and project managing key contracts throughout Ireland, supporting staff, and acting as senior liaison for clients.

Donal will be supporting MEP Director Aidan Kelly, to deliver sustainable MEP management solutions in line with both client and business requirements.

Aidan Kelly, MEP Director for Global Rail Services Limited said:

“Donal is a high calibre Senior Project Manager. We are delighted to promote him and look forward to his support of Global Rail Services’ future growth and prosperity.”

Mechanical & electrical services provided by Global Rail Services are constantly upgraded through training and development and are consistently delivered to the highest specification. Design and project management of these specialist services are deployed on a wide range of rail, utilities and energy projects including:

• Commercial and industrial
• Private domestic
• Bespoke installations
• Site enabling field works
• Fibre splicing & copper jointing
• Clean earth systems
• Telecom and signalling room fit outs
• Electrical maintenance
• Access and security systems including CCTV
• Fire alarms
• Lighting control systems
• Building management & control

GRA Networks Australia continues to support 5G telecoms network upgrades

On behalf of Ericsson, our GRA Networks Australia team is contracted to upgrade the existing 3G/4G network and install new 5G technology for both Optus and Vodafone (eJV).

The suburb for this upgrade is Delahey North, where there is an existing Broadcast Australia 30m high Rocla concrete monopole, with Optus, Vodafone and Telstra antennas mounts present.

GRA Networks Australia is supporting all aspects of these upgrade works supplying staff including Riggers, Technicians, Electricians and Civil Engineers. Also liaising with Broadcast Australia’s (BAI) communication management team, Melbourne DMC’s team, and the security to plan and coordinate this upgrade work, which is a very important element of eJV’s remit.

The broad scope included, delivering materials including all necessary approvals from Broadcast Australia, working at heights, removing and installation of new steelwork, compound extension works and electrical upgrades.

This was a very demanding site which required a high level of stakeholder liaison and management to ensure it ran as smoothly as possible, in accordance with strict site access protocols and process requirements. The project team also had very challenging weather conditions during these works.

The works were also performed under an SLO (Single Long Outage), meaning the duration of the time both Vodafone and Optus were off air was minimised, whilst upgrading the site.

In completion of this project, the team at GRA Networks Australia completed all works to a high-quality standard, with high levels of professionalism and no reported safety concerns.

The project involved:

  • Delivering all steelwork, materials, and equipment. This required careful planning during weekdays to complete the delivery, in full coordination with the BAI communication team to provide the necessary processing lead time prior to accessing site
  • An electrical upgrade in order to install the new group meter panel on H frame and new Optus 63A 3P MCB as load control. Also, installation of new 100A site protection device
  • Network outages, fully decommissioning existing technologies, and equipment internally and externally. Upgrading all equipment internally and externally, with new steelwork, antennas, RRUs (Remote Radio Units) and internal BBU (Base Band Units), and all DC equipment. Commissioning and integrating the new technology into the Network, via support from the RIC (Remote Integration Centre)
  • Compound extension work including extension of existing palisade fencing to the north recline to add a new ICS industries Thermocab 5-bay outdoor cabinet into the BAI compound located inside the Sydenham MF site
  • Providing all OHS and HSE standards and submission of post-completion documentation on the client submission portal (site handler)

GRA Networks Australia’s scope included:

  • Removing existing antennas and steelwork from the existing monopole
  • Installing new steelwork and new lad-saf on existing monopole
  • Installing new Optus RRU8863, Vodafone AZQJ and AHPCDB antennas to the newly installed steelwork
  • Installing new Optus and VHA ancillary equipment and hybrid trunk cables
  • Swapping existing eJV 4G panel antennas with new 4G panel antenna (RRVV2VVT4S$-65DR10) on new longer antenna mounts
  • Installation of a new group meter box on new H frame to host relocated Telstra meter plus new Optus meter with site SPD

GRA Networks Australia Electrical Project progressing well at Belmore

GRA Networks Australia’s Electrical department has completed SEQUENCE-A of its Electrical and Data scope of works at Belmore Special School, as part of the Victorian School Building Authority, ‘Better Schools Project’ for builder S.J Higgins.

The works at Belmore Special School are being conducted in two sequences, which shall enable the normal operation of the school, throughout the entire building process.

The successful completion of SEQUENCE-A comprised of a renovation of the senior staff offices and school administration area and one new building consisting of:

  • four new classrooms
  • two assisted bathrooms
  • two general bathrooms
  • two break-out rooms
  • two teacher prep rooms
  • activity space
  • IT Room
  • Student library

GRA Networks Australia’s Electrical department started SEQUENCE-B in May 2023, with the anticipated delivery completion date in July 2023.

Global Rail Australia passes annual ISO accreditations for 45001, 14001 and 9001

Global Rail Australia has again achieved its accreditation for HSEQ – Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management – through completion of their triennial audit in compliance with:

ISO 45001:2018, (Occupational Health and Safety Management System);

ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) and

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

This great result was accomplished with no non-conformances, no observations or improvements raised. A great success from all concerned.

As Australian businesses, we aim to comply with all relevant legislation as a minimum and works towards recognised good practice in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for our employees in which to work through the implementation of an effective occupational health and safety management system.

Quality is built into our projects and we carry out a review of the initial requirements to determine the impact of our operations, and also the selection of materials and waste management.

We recognise and respond to the challenges and opportunities that are presented by climate change and we aim to manage our environmental footprint and enhance our performance in areas where we operate. We also look to maximise the benefits to local communities in areas where we operate.

Global Rail Australia always looks to develop internal and external awareness of our corporate responsibility and continue to recruit, train, develop and retain the best available workforce.

EV D&B civil and electrical project progressing for Irish Rail

As part of a competitive tendering process and through its house resources & design capabilities from both civil and electrical perspective, Global Rail Services Ltd were awarded a contract for the design and build of 150kW charge points at five Irish Rail Stations, Sallins/Nass, Tralee, Dundalk, Westport and Bray.

With the previous successful D&B delivery of EV fast chargers for taxis on a previous contract for Irish Rail at three separate locations, Global Rail Services are becoming a supplier of choice for Irish Rail in its expansion of EV charging capabilities.

The works are in support of the Irish government through its state body, the NTA (National Transport Authority) to expand the growth of electric vehicles (EV).

On completion, each station will be equipped with a 150kW rapid charge point and all necessary site infrastructure to provide a seamless charging experience for EV drivers. This investment in EV charging infrastructure, is an important step towards making Ireland’s fleet greener and more sustainable.

The design and installation of these fast-charging stations involves the detailed design of duct routes and chambers in roadways, pathways, and car parks. Electrical works, including the provision and installation of electrical charging units and ESB units.

The works at each railway station include:

• 150kW DC rapid charge point
• Electrical supply equipment
• Groundworks and trenching of roadway
• Construction of ESBN substation reinforced concrete bases
• Signposts and safety bollards
• Car space painting

The individual charge points will include a dual outlet with the charging output shared between one CHAdeMO and one CCS connector, with the option to upgrade to CCS in the future if requirements change. These charging points will also have the ability to load share across the two sockets.

Progress to date the civil works are complete in four of the five sites with Tralee being almost complete. Cable installation has been completed in four of the five sites also, with Tralee the only site remaining. Line marking has been carried out at two of the five sites with the three remaining sites anticipated to be completed in the next two weeks. Commissioning of each unit will take place as soon as the ESB Networks metering team installs 3 phase meters and energises each metering cabinet, this is due to be completed within the next 4 weeks. The project is on track to be finished by the end of May. This is great news for EV taxi drivers who will soon have access to fast-charging stations at key locations throughout the country.

Global Rail Services is committed to supporting the transition to clean energy and reducing the country’s carbon footprint. The installation of these rapid charge points is just the beginning of a larger effort to make Ireland’s public transportation system more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, the government’s provision for new EV fast-charging stations and Irish Rail’s partnership with Global Rail Services is a positive step towards a cleaner, greener future for Ireland.

Malin Head and Johnstown Castle civil and electrical works

Global Rail Services Ltd in Ireland, has completed civil and electrical works in support of the installation of the new radiation monitoring equipment at Malin Head, Met Eireann, County Donegal and aerosol measurement units at Johnstown Castle EPA Headquarters, County Wexford.

At both locations, we constructed two concrete plinths and connected them to each other and to the office building via new ducting. We then delivered and installed a new mini pillar to connect the cabling to the new cabinets. This weighed 500kg and was lifted onto the larger concrete plinth using Global Rail Services Hiab lorry and secured in position using M12 bolts.

The team the installed 30m of electrical cable at Malin Head and 100m at Johnstown Castle from the office to the mini pillar. Inside the mini pillar, we mounted a small sub-distribution fuse board to supply local power. All electrical connections to switches and boards were carefully made with suitable materials. Furthermore, all external steelwork was correctly bonded to local earth electrodes.

This successful project illustrates Global Rail Services Ltd internal capabilities as a turnkey solution provider for multi-disciplinary civil and electrical projects on behalf of the EPA.

There were also a few minor additions that took place on this project for which Global Rail Services’ team seamlessly integrated in their role as both PSCS and PSDP.

The successful execution of this project is testament to Global Rail Services Ltd’s expertise, dedication and quality of workmanship.

GRSL completes Bray Station Drainage and Water Distribution Project

Our Irish business Global Rail Services Ltd (GRSL), is thrilled to announce its successful involvement in a crucial element of the drainage and water distribution improvement project in Wicklow County, Ireland. Their contribution to this project will soon benefit many residents in the area, and the company take great pride in having played a role in its development.

Over the Easter holiday period, Global Rail Services collaborated with Wicklow Council and Irish Rail to install new drainage and watermain distribution pipes through the level crossing at Bray Dart Station. Teams worked around the clock for 72 hours during the TIII possession over the cross-levelling lines at Bray Station, ensuring a seamless removal of track and existing watermains, installation of the services, reinstatement of track, renewal of tarmac and line marking.

Prior to the weekend taking place, numerous stakeholder meetings were held with Irish Rail, Irish Water, the Gas board and ESB to identify services, reduce risk and minimise impact on residents. Irish Rail commenced their works first to remove the track panels. Global Rail Services were up next in conjunction with Irish Water to excavate a 35m trench 2.5m deep and 1.2m wide. A trench box support system was used during the construction in accordance with the temporary works design.

The existing water main was cast iron, shallow, and had to be removed to allow the installation of the 450mm of surface water drainage below. Existing Gas mains and ESB cables provided an extremely narrow window of installation. Even with pre-planning, radar scaning, and surveys, additional unchartered ESB services were uncovered during the works. Rapid intervention from the Global Rail Services site team supported by the ESB, led to a fast resolution which allowed works to continue. On completion of the surface water drainage, the watermain was reinstated to the required separation distance.

Irish Water returned to renew and reinstate all track panels and points that had been removed after which GRSL could complete 450m2 of tarmac reinstatement and line mark the entire area.

Global Rail Services Ltd would like to extend its gratitude to their dedicated staff who have shown exceptional commitment throughout this intense and challenging project. Their tireless efforts and professionalism have been instrumental in bringing these upgrades to fruition.

Level Crossing upgrades success for Global Rail Construction

UK Rail Infrastructure Contractor – Global Rail Construction Limited – has been awarded a new contract on behalf of its long-term partner and Principal Contractor Atkins Global, covering the upgrade of 2No Level Crossings at Coltishall Lane and Belaugh Lane, which are situated northeast of Norwich in the district of North Norfolk.

The project has been commissioned to satisfy an ORR improvement notice and a future prediction that there will be an increase in usage of both these Level Crossings.

Coltishall and Belaugh Level Crossings are currently User Worked Crossings (UWC) and the proposal is to upgrade them to Automatic Half Barrier (AHB) crossings.

Atkins will be providing all necessary design, for the telecoms, civils and electrification and plant (E&P) scope, whilst Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) will be delivering the civil engineering, signalling, telecoms and electrification and plant (E&P) installation scope of works.

GRCL will provide a fully project managed installation service with all necessary site and traffic management, as well as all necessary security and welfare facilities for the duration of the works.

Specific project deliverables include:

  • Foundations and bases
  • REB’s
  • Cable routes
  • Telephones
  • Dis Boxes
  • Under Road Crossings
  • Anti-trespass grids
  • Cable management sleepers
  • Fencing and gates
  • Highway works
  • Level crossing system panel installations
  • Signage
  • Signal boom installations
  • Road traffic light installations
  • Local control units
  • Signalling cables
  • Axel counters
  • Telecoms cables
  • Power cables
  • Earth testing
  • Recovery and disposal of old equipment

Global Rail Services Completes Gormanston Footbridge Works

A new accessibility footbridge at Gormanston Railway Station has been opened to the public on the 27th February 2023.

The project teams from both Irish Rail and Global Rail Services are to be praised for the safe project execution and high-quality result, particularly as all works were completed on or adjacent to an existing high speed railway line with minimal disruption to passengers or trains.

The substructure works included the installation of 10m deep SFA, nominal 350mm diameter piles, in situ reinforced concrete retaining walls and foundations and below ground utilities to tie the new facility into existing, drainage, lighting, power, CCTV and fire systems. The ESB power supply also had to upgraded due to limited capacity and for future proofing purposes.

The superstructure installation covered new precast concrete lift shafts, stairs, and bridges, the erection of structural steel cladding, a roof, glazing and handrails. The lift shafts were additionally encapsulated using a ‘euro brick’ cladding system.

Upon completion of the main works, Global Rail Services in-house teams, managed the Mechanical and Electrical installations including new platform lighting, re-wiring of the station CCTV system, new PA systems and power.

The success of this high-profile project highlights the multi-disciplinary rail engineering prowess of the Global Rail Services team, offering infrastructure clients a capable, one-stop turnkey service for managed Civil and Structural Engineering, Building, Mechanical and Electrical rail engineering projects.

We would like to send a huge thank you to all those involved for this incredibly impressive effort. As a team, we have delivered with a high level of diligence in order to make this project a success for Irish Rail and the local community.